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venkateswararao.kamma very useful site It is very useful site for all. I am recommending it to all. We are expecting more info based articles in Vikaspedia. than q. Dec 09, 2017
Sanjeev Nanda I wouldn't say a great site but a very useful and informative website for Indians to gather information that is hard to obtain from other sites. Nov 27, 2017
Md.Amir Hussain Vikaspedia is useful for me. Because various govt. policies and schemes has been uploaded in this site. Moreover the information given enhances our knowledge related to Health, Sanitation, Social Welfare etc. Nov 27, 2017
Chandrakant R Andhale Vikaspedia is one of the best portal in India. I have a request - Please make arrangements to prominently display sector-wise, the newly added content. It would benefit if you can distinguish it by using different colours. This will help the user to immediately spot the newly added information.. Thank you....vikaapedia. Oct 14, 2017
Andhale Chandrakant I have a request - Please make arrangements to prominently display sector-wise, the newly added content. It would benefit if you can distinguish it by using different colours. This will help us a lot.. Oct 12, 2017
Amitava Jana Vikaspedia portal is very nice. It provides lot of information on various entitlements for poor. However local administration is not aware and hence general people are not able to visit the center visit and access various schemes. So pls create awareness about schemes to local administration people. Secondly, Vikaspedia should be promoted by bureaucrats. My experience is that our people made to be aware of schemes for their development. For a subsidy of Rs 100, people wait for 10 to 12 hours, losing their daily wages of Rs 300 to 400. So please think about these suggestions for the development of our country. Amitava Jana FCC center, Social Justice Consultant. Oct 11, 2017
MILTON ROY Sir, I suggested you kindly register the person as a member cum contributer. Its most effective. Sep 12, 2017
Pooja Chavan Thanks for the great information. Great work done. I always like to read about it and also share it with others. I always share it on my Facebook Page and also my whatsapp. Thanks for the great information. Keep going and great site. Aug 04, 2017
Bhavani Shankar P Vikaspedia can be Depicted on Twitter, YouTube, Facebook & other Medias regularly to propagate and popularize the purpose and to seek Innovations in all fields from public. Aug 02, 2017
er. kishori lal As a vikaspedia member i want knowledge about solar system, because i am a VLE and I can provide this facility in our village. Jul 25, 2017
Sanjeev kumar In this site very important suggestions on adolescent and senior citizens health and personal hygiene are given. Jul 12, 2017
Prakash sir my native in krishnagiri thimmapuram. That area jasmine cultivate is more than 500 acres. Yearly up to 7000 tones and above jasmine flower is sent to Bangalore city market. All day / year we give Jasmine supply. Pls visit and help the farmer by giving agriculture information. Jul 12, 2017
Siddharth Chourasia HI this was a good experience taking such a wonderful test. I acknowledge your work and would like have more tests like it....Thank you so much Sir/Ma'am Jun 20, 2017
Mallikarjun Vikaspedia is one of the best Indian Education portal for the students. Jun 14, 2017
babulal/jogaram from chok With the subject cited above in our village chokhapura(kekar)teh.sedwa dis.barmer light cannection is complete but in surrounding 30 meters there are no light connections for BPL families. What should I do? May 29, 2017
Chytrashree Sheshachala Thank you for all the information. It really helped me to gain vast knowledge about sericulture. But i want to know about the investment needed for this business. Is there any scheme from Karnataka government to lay this set up. If so please help me with the complete information. My mother is a widow and i want to start this business in the name of her in my father land located in Magadi (Tavarekere) almost 2 acre land. May 23, 2017
Anish Vikashpedia is the most powerful tool for UPSC preparation,especially for rural aspirant as it involves regional language and hindi. Thank you Meity. May 23, 2017
change the csc center address what is the process to change the csc centers address May 20, 2017
RAJNEESH KUSHWAH please sent my login id and password May 07, 2017

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