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Delta Sticky traps

This topic covers information about production of delta sticky traps

Pest attracted

Flying insects

It is a triangular trap, made of plastic or water proof card. Insects that attracted, depending upon the pheromone lures, fly into the trap and stick to the surface coated with a special type of non-drying glue.

Materials required

    ant trap
  • Wax coated cardboard (shape to be made as per image)
  • Small piece of wire for suspension
  • Pheromone lure
  • Non-drying Glue
  • Insect brush


Take a hard waterproof cardboard sheet of 18 x 9 inches. Make folding marks to make delta shape and staple the loose ends. Paste glue material in the inner side of trap. Hang the bait/lure from the holes from the top. Use wire/rope for hanging the trap close to the plant canopy. Change the lures once in 15-20 days

Source: Skill Development of Farmers for Production of IPM inputs in IPM Seva Kendra

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