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This forum is meant for discussing various issues related to livestock management including breeds, management, technologies and related topics.

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Loan for dairy farm by Anonymous 42 praveen August 09. 2019
Bater farming by Anonymous 42 Somanathasa April 05. 2019
Duck farming by Anonymous 3 Krishna May 22. 2019
Availability of cattle breeds by Viji 22 pralay sarkar September 06. 2017
Information on pig farming by Anonymous 13 devendra giri goswami May 09. 2019
Goat farming by Anonymous 8 yogesh suman May 04. 2019
Information on poultry by Anonymous 42 Prakhand Forbesganj February 25. 2019
Country chicken rearing by Anonymous 2 Rakheed October 17. 2017
Pig farming by Achal Date No replies yet Achal Date January 04. 2018
HF breed dairy farm by Anonymous 7 Jugananda dutta April 23. 2018
Rabbit farming by Anonymous 22 Dibakar Sarkar October 24. 2017
Azolla as cattle feed by Anonymous 8 raghavendra yadav July 10. 2017
Information about milking machines by Anonymous 2 Anonymous User April 09. 2014
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