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Peach Based Farming System

This topic covers the information related to Peach Based Farming System


Shri Rajpal singh

Shri Rajpal Singh
Village Jagaita, P.O Fendpuri, Block Nakur, District Saharanpur, Uttar Pradesh
(Mobile: 09412558235)

Age: 50 years
Education: Graduate
Landholding: 7 ha
Farming experience: 20 years
Crops grown: Brinjal, chilly, okra, mango, peach, litchi and wheat
Crops Systems: Peach+brinjal + chili+Peach+cucumber - cucumber - blackgram - spinach
Livestock: Cow: Jersy (3) Buffalo: Murrah (2) Mushroom, beekeeping and vermicompost units
Felicitated by
NHM for quality fruit production.
KVK for organic farming.
Khadi and Gramodyog Commission for beekeeping
First prize by NRC on Litchi for Litchi cultivation

Description of innovation

Peach based farming

Shri Rajpal Singh has introduced peach based system for the first time in the district an alternative to sugarcane dominated cropping system in the district. Three horticulture + vegetables based systems are practised in 4 ha. They are peach (Saharanpur prabhat) + Brinjal (Navkiran) + chilly (AK 47); Peach (Saharanpur prabhat) + spinach (rajdhani) and Peach (Saharanpur prabhat) + Cucumbercucumber (Alamveer) - black gram (PU 35). Peach based system peach + cucumber-cucumber-blackgram-spinach provided highest net profit of Rs 3.43 lakh/ha, followed by peach+brinjal+chilly of Rs 3.39 lakh lakh per ha.

Practical utility of innovation

Horti - vegetable system provides cash flow throughout the year as compared to sugarcane based system where farmers get returns after one year. The system is sustainable and there is no problem of marketing. This system adopted by farmer is profitable and is being used as a model for other farmers and extension personnel. The system is environment-friendly and provides higher returns.

Source: Indian Council of Agricultural Research

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