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Live and let live - The mantra of Jubeda Bee

This topic covers the Success story of Jubedda - organic cultivator from Andhra pradesh

JubeddaJubeda Bee, a peasant woman of Tadakanapalli village of Kallur mandal in Kurnool district made headings in local print media on International women’s Day. As the villagers were happily reading and sharing about the success story of this organic cultivator, news about her perseverance was telecast in television.

She had lost her husband since 9 years, took courage and was determined to provide a descent life and good education to her children. All that she had was few cows and a lot of confidence. Initially she started selling her cows to meet the maintenance.

She started exploring the possibilities of new livelihoods. When NPM was advocated in 2005 she decided to take up farming though she was landless. In 2007, she borrowed Rs 10,000 from the Community Investment Fund of the village organization (VO). She pooled up Rs 4,000 from her savings. The four POP women took 2 acres of land on lease. Out of these 2 acres, they shared 50 cents each. The bore well was arranged by the government.

Jubeda Bee has imbibed every bit of the trainings provided since 2005. Now that she got a chance to practice what she learnt, she has been farming without using any chemical pesticides and fertilizers. With less expenditure on agricultural inputs she has been getting good yields. In 25 cents of land, she applied tank silt to improve soil fertility, deep ploughing, seed treatment with beejamrutham, soil treatment with ghanajeevamrutam and other NPM methods are stringently followed. She divided total land into 10 parts in which she practices intensive agriculture. Multiple cropping systems are followed where crops reach different heights to harness sunlight efficiently in order to maximize yields.

She has been working to develop a little orchard with mango, sapota (chikku), custard apple, guava etc. She planted curry leaf , drumstick, onion, and vegetables as intercrops. She has placed yellow plates, white plates, pheromone traps to check the insects.

She motivates other landless farmers, to take up organic farming along with the three women farmers named Bojamma, Hajeeran Bee and Suvarnamma with whom she shared 50 cents of land. She also continues her support and guidance to them. Jubeda Bee has been inspiring many farmers as being a model woman farmer and president of the village organization. Thus 10 gunta models have become very popular in the village. Jubeda Bee’s expertise in natural pesticides is recognized by the agriculture department and sought her support in conducting ‘field school’ (Polam Badi) programmes on groundnut crop. Her efforts have resulted in making Thadakanapalli a model village for organic farming. Her endeavour was recognized by the state government which rewarded her with cash award of Rs 10,000 along with a certificate of commendation. All the organic farmers owe their success to Jubeda Bee for the inspiration. They recognize her as their way who guided them into the path of success. At present around 86 farmers practicing NPM method in 100 acres of land.

Source: Indian Grameen Services

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