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‘Ratti gadu’ was called as Ratna Reddy with N.P.M.

This topic covers about the Success story of Ratna reddy with NPM programme from Andhrapradesh

Ratna’s family migrated to Ganapavaram from Namburu in Guntur district.He got married at 16 and became a father of two children at the age of 23. His parents took care of him and pampered so he didn’t learnt any work. He was seen as a vagabond and everyone in the village used to call him as Ratti gadu.

RatnareddyAfter the death of his parents, he was left with a thatched house. He was perplexed to maintain his family.  He tried his hands at cleaning the teacups, tractors, pulling carloads as a lobourer. In this desperation he became a petty thief and was caught by the police. When he was under arrest his wife started working as a daily wage labourer to feed her children. When his wife started shouldering the responsibilities of the family he continues to laze around. His wife tried to pursue him to any work to support the family, but in vain. Vexed with the non-chalant attitude, his wife rebuked him. Then he realized and looked into the facts, thought that he should take the responsibilities of the family on his shoulders.

At last Ratna learnt about NPM programmes and attended the sub-committee meeting at Rajulapalem mandal. He insisted his wife Lakshmi to attend the Mahila Samakhya (MS) meeting. The main agenda in the meeting was to provide ½ acre of leased land to the land less poor. His family was confirmed as POP and was provided with two days training on NPM method. He successfully acquired ½ acre of land on lease. They happily grabbed the opportunity and never turned back. They have started the cultivation in June 2009.

As for the first crop he planted vegetables like lady’sfinger, cluster bean, tomato, bottlegourd, Ridgegourd and leafy vegetables. Rs. 10, 310 /-
The income by deduction of expenditure was  Cultivated chilly as second crop 3 quintals of chilly harvested in October   Rs.4500/- @ quintal,   The income by deduction of (1875/-) expenditure was Rs. 11, 630/-
From the third crop his expected income by deduction of expenditure was Rs. 30, 000/-
As the above calculation in a year he gained net income of Rs. 51, 940/-

Everyone in the village started talking him serious. He is no longer called as Ratti gadu but every one is calling him as Ratna Reddy garu. Now he is 48 years old and his daughter is married also planning for his son’s wedding. Ratna Reddy’s story proved that no one can attain respect sitting lazily. His efforts have given him regular income as well as good respect in his village. He owes his thanks to Indira Kranthi Patham (IKP) which changed him into Ratna Reddy.

Source: Indian Grameen Services

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