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Crop Production

This section is meant for providing information on various aspects of successful crop production including latest technologies in production and post harvest, Agricultural inputs, farm implements, weather, marketing etc.

Critical factors to be considered for selection of crops
This topic provides information about critical factors to be considered for selection of crops.
Weather Information
This Sections covers about Weather based Information
Package of practices
Scientific crop production technologies developed for various crops by research institutes and state agricultural universities are covered here
Crop management for aberrant weather conditions
This section provides information about crop management practices for aberrant weather conditions like moisture stress, floods, frost, etc
Technologies for NE India
Package of practices and technologies developed exclusively for North Eastern States are covered here
Integrated Pest Managment
Concept of integrated pest managment and its components are explained here with examples
Integrated weed management
This section provides information about integrated weed management.
Integrated Nutrient Management
Describes the suitable INM packages adopted for various crops
Advanced Technologies
Modern technologies used in Agriculture for crop production are detailed here
Tips for farmers
Tips related to better crop production, available resources and knowledge support from various agro-based organisations are covered here
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