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Insect Pest of Ker in Hot Arid Region

This topic covers information about Insect Pest of Ker in Hot Arid Region.

Ker butter fly (Anaphaeis aurota)

  • Capparis decidua (Forsk.) is heavily infested with Anaphaeis aurota commonly known as the Pioneer or Caper white butterfly in various parts of Rajasthan. The Pioneer is a dry zone butterfly, found in savannahs, scrub and dry and deciduous forests.

Host Range

  • Capparis decidua, C. pyrifolia, C. rheedii, C. sepiaria, C. spinosa, C. zeylanica, Cadaba fruticosa and Maerua oblongofolia

Nature of Damage

  • The caterpillars only caused the damage to mostly upper portion leaves of plant.
  • The grown caterpillars of A. aurota easily strip off the branches, devouring leaf after leaf causing great damage.
Damage symptoms of Pioneer butter fly


  • Fore wing: deep black on apical area, the enclosed white elongate spots more or less obsolete.
  • Hind wing: the black terminal border much broader and of a deeper black, the enclosed white spots.
Adult Larva
  • Caterpillar is grass-green; dorsal line very distinct, dark green; lateral line very broad, coloured and mottled, dentated into the ground colour.
  • Due to seasonal variation, geographical distribution and sexual dimorphism there is a marked difference in colour of wings and thickness of veins of A. aurota Fabricius.
  • The females are larger and with thicker and broader veins, apex and outer margins.
  • It was observed that the males had thinner black bands as compared to the females in wings.

Source: Insect Pest of Arid Fruit Crops

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