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Agro enterprises

Various agro enterprises suitable for small and marginal farmers are detailed here

Production of mulberry silk, economics in silk rearing and chawki rearing are dealt here
Mushroom Production
Small scale production of oyster mushroom at farm level is explained here
This topic deals about the on-farm vermicomposting technique for organic farming. The methodology for vermicomposting has been explained along with species of earth worms for composting.
Modern Nursery
This topic deals about the establishment and management of modern nursery as a profitable farm venture.
Kitchen Garden
This topic deals about the importance of kitchen garden, site selection, vegetable to be cultivated and the benefits out of kitchen garden.
Value-added Products
Techniques involved in preparation of value-added products from farm waste are detailed in this section
Rural Technologies
Topic covers Green house, Structure, advantages and cost Effective greenhouse wooden structure.
Useful Resources
Useful reference materials related to various agro enterprises are given
This topic provides information about hydroponics.
The topic mentions about Indian floriculture industry.
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