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Beekeeping Checklist

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Selection of Apiary Site

  • Apiary site should be non-humid.
  • Apiary site should not be exposed to cold wind.
  • Apiary site should be assessable  for transportation.
  • There should be ample floral (nectar and pollen).
  • Clean water source should be available at apiary site.
  • Natural shade should be available at the apiary site.
  • Apiary site should be away from pollution source (open sewer dumping ground, industry area).

Bee hive Identification & Documentation

  • Mark all been hive with unique code for the purpose of identification and subsequent documentation.
  • Periodic verification  of health status of colony throughout the year.
  • Record of checks and finding (disease, brood, comb, queen, swarm, honey).

Selection of Queen

  • High resistance to disease.
  • Shows hygienic behavior.
  • Shows docile behavior.
  • Having lower tendency to swam.
  • Having high Productivity.

Colony Maintenance

  • Renewal of brood comb (every two years).
  • Replacement of Queen (every one or two year).
  • Disinfect beehive and empty combs once in a year.
  • Disinfect tools used in beekeeping every time after use.

Source : Honey Mission

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