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e-pashuhaat portal

This topic provides information about e-pashuhaat portal that aims to connect breeders and farmers regarding availability of bovine germplasm.

e-pashuhaat portal - www.epashuhaat.gov.in aims to connect breeders and farmers regarding availability of bovine germplasm. The portal has been launched under the scheme "National Mission on Bovine Productivity."

Aims and objectives

The portal aims to be a

  1. E-Trading Market portal for livestock germplasm and additional related services.
  2. Will connect farmers with breeders - Central, State, Co-operative and private agencies.
  3. Real time authentic certified information on availability of germplasm.
  4. Centralized repository of information for Central and State Governments.

Services offered

  • Provides direct access to the farmers/ breeders to various organizations/sources wherein frozen semen, embryos and livestock certifications are available.
  • Connects farmers to 56 semen stations ( 20 states), 4 Central Herd Registration Scheme (CHRS) ( 4 States) and 7 Central Cattle Breeding Farms (CCBFs) ( 6 states) in the country.
  • Provides details like, animal / frozen semen ID, progeny particulars (sire directory), rates and other terms & conditions.
  • Farmers can directly get the details like address, contact numbers, photo gallery etc . of individual Institutes / Agriculture universities in States.


Major outcomes of the scheme are:

  • Propagation of quality controlled germplasm;
  • Availability of disease free germplasm with known genetic merit
  • Price evaluation available to buyer
  • One stop portal for bovine breeders
  • No involvement of middlemen in sale and purchase of animals
  • Sale only of tagged animal with animal wellness card
  • Propagation of indigenous bovine breeds in the country
  • Increase in milk production and productivity

Help desk

To get more information, users can call the toll free number 1800-8437-100.

Source : e-pashuhaat portal

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so nice ..sir really this is an osm site got.. upsc aspirant..thnkyou

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