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Pregnancy In Ruminants

This topic provides information about Pregnancy In Ruminants.

What is pregnancy

  • When the male mates with the female he deposits sperm in the vagina.
  • The sperm joins with the egg and forms the embryo which becomes attached to the wall of the womb.
  • The embryo grows within a bag of fluid (water bag) and is attached to the wall of the womb by a navel cord.

Signs of pregnancy

  • Heat stops when pregnancy begins.
  • The animal becomes quieter and the belly grows bigger.
  • In milk animals the production of milk will gradually drop.

Length of pregnancy

  • If male and female animals have been allowed to run together in a large herd it will be difficult to determine the expected time for birth (parturition).
  • If however you do know when a female was mated or given artificial insemination you can determine when she will give birth.
  • The length of pregnancy differs in different animals.
Animal Length of pregnancy
Cow 280 days
Buffalo 320 days
Sheep 150 days
Goat 150 days


There can be a few days difference either way depending on the type, climate, feed and other factors.

Management of the pregnant animal

  • You must remember that a pregnant animal will need more feed and will benefit from the addition of some grain to the feed towards the end of pregnancy.
  • All pregnant animals should be kept close to home towards the end of the pregnancy and some form of shelter should be provided.
  • They should be watched twice a day for signs that parturition is close.
  • In particular cattle and buffalo need a clean, well ventilated place, preferably with a sand or grit floor on which suitable bedding is placed.
  • Do not keep a pregnant animal constantly tied up or with little room to exercise in. Allow her some freedom in a field or yard each day.

Source : Pashu sakhi Handbook

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