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Sheep & Goat

Commercial farming and scientific management of sheep and goat are covered here

Breeds of Sheep & Goat
Indigenous and exotic breeds of sheep and goat, their characteristics, suitability to different regions, availability etc are explained here
Housing Management
Systems of rearing, space requirement for commercial rearing, housing methods etc are explained in this section
Feeding Management
Various fodder crops suitable for feeding sheep and goat, feeding schedule to be followed for different age group of sheep and goat are discussed elaborately
Breeding Management
General breeding management practices adopted for sheep and goat are explained here
Health Management
Diseases affecting sheep and goat, their symptoms, causes, first aids and treatment are explained here
Commercial Rearing
The Sheep & Goat rearing using improved management practices undertaken for maximization of returns from the enterprise was considered as ‘commercial Goat farming’ in the present context.
Vaccination schedule for goats
The topic gives the detailed vaccination schedule to be carried out for goats.
Breeding strategies for improving Chevon and goat milk production in India
This topic provides information about suitable breeding strategies for improving milk and meat production for enhancing food security.
Reproductive system in sheeps and goats
This topic provides information about the reproductive organs and their major functions of sheep and goats.
Lambing and Kidding (Parturition)
This topic provides information on Lambing and Kidding (Parturition).
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