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e-Auction of Cardamom

This topic covers the e-auction process of cardamom followed by spices board.

Introduction of e-auction of cardamom

Spices Board had introduced e-Auction of Cardamom in Bodinayakanur, Theni Dist, Tamilnadu in August 2007. This e-Auction centre has forty buyer terminals. The second e-Auction centre was established in Vandanmettu, Idukki, Kerala in Dec 2007 with sixty terminals. The e-Auction had replaced the traditional outcry auctions of Cardamom in Kerala and Tamil Nadu.

Process followed

In the new system, licensed dealers are provided with a user id and password. The dealers have to log into the system to participate in an Auction. A bid is made with key depressions using a normal computer keyboard. Identity of bidders is protected during the auction process. Highest bidder’s name is displayed only on the Auction Masters’ terminal. There is a main display board showing lot no, quantity, number of bags current highest bid etc of each lot kept in the Auction.

The e-Auction system has brought transparency in the auction process. The system is running successfully in both centres.

Address of e-Auction centres

  1. Common e-Auction Centre, Spices Board
    Vandanmettu, Idukki- 685551
    Phone: 04868-288122
    E Mail: eauctionsb@gmail.com

  2. Common e-Auction Centre, Spices Board
    Cardamom Planters' Association (CPA),
    Bodinayikanur, Theni –625513

Source : Spices Board

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