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Minimum Support Price for Minor Forest Produce

This topic covers about the MSP for MFPs.

Under the scheme "Mechanism for Marketing of Minor Forest Produce through Minimum Support Price and development of Value chain for MFP" Minimum Support Price (MSP) for Minor Forest Produce (MFP) has been fixed for select MFP. The scheme is designed as a social safety net for improvement of livelihood of MFP gatherers by providing them fair price for the MFPs they collect.


The Scheme has been implemented in eight States having Schedule areas as listed in the Fifth Schedule of the constitution of India. From November 2016, the scheme is applicable in all States.

Commodities covered

Minimum Support Price Scheme is initially covering all non-nationalized / non-monopolized MFPs from the 12 main identified MFPs namely,

  1. Tendu
  2. Bamboo
  3. Mahua Seed
  4. Lac
  5. Myrobalan
  6. Gums (Gum Karaya)
  7. Sal Leaf
  8. Chironjee
  9. Tamarind
  10. Karanj Seed
  11. Sal Seed
  12. Wild Honey
  13. Kusum Seed
  14. Neem Seed
  15. Puwad Seed / Chakramard
  16. Baheda
  17. Hill Broom Grass
  18. Shikakai
  19. Guggul (exudate)
  20. Bael (dried and without crust)
  21. Nagarmotha
  22. Palash Kesuda (Flower)
  23. Shatavari (dried)
  24. Madhunashini
  25. Kalmegh
  26. Tamarind (de-seeded).

Any de-nationalized MFP / items removed from the purview of monopoly procurement in future will also qualify for coverage under the Scheme. Similarly, any nationalized/ monopolized procurement, MFP will disqualify for coverage under the Scheme. However, if any State willingly wants any nationalized items to be included in MSP, then it shall have to change its nationalized status accordingly.

Commodity wise MSP, List of State Procurement Agency and current status of procurement

To get the commodity wise Minimum Support Price of Minor Forest Produce, click here. States have been given freedom for fixing MSP 10% above or below the MSP rate decided by Ministry of Tribal Affairs

Source : TRIFED

pbalu Jul 25, 2016 02:55 PM

sir, who will recommend the msp for mfp items.

sanjeet kumar;administrative officer jascolampf Ranchi May 27, 2015 10:32 PM

Procurement target must be fixed 60%of total total production;
Value added programme must be replicate in village level so that beneficiaries may get double benefit of the scheme;
Dispose plan through exporter/related application industries so loses may be minimies and get profit
Insure quality product

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