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Deep Sea Fishing and Tuna Processing

This topic provides information about schemes for Deep Sea Fishing and Tuna Processing.

The total world catch of the major commercial species of tunas (albacore, bigeye, bluefin, skipjack and yellowfin) has increased almost several folds in the recent years. Tuna species are a significant source of food in many countries.  Of the many areas identified for increase in fish production by the National Fisheries Development Board (NFDB), harvesting of the underutilized deep sea resources such as tuna and tuna-like species is one of them.

Eligibility criteria

Development of Indigenous Tuna Fishing Fleet

NFDB extends support for boats of 18-20 meters ( unit cost Rs.75 lakhs including gear component). The NFDB’ may contribute 25-33 percent of the total cost of construction as equity participation and the beneficiaries could raise the balance through loans, etc. After moratorium of one year, the beneficiaries could start repaying the Board’s equity in equal instalments.

Documents Required

  • Finalisation of blueprints for different OALs and hull material and other requirements, such as RSW, gear, etc. by CIFT Kochi, and MPEDA Kochi and other authorised agencies.
  • The proposal should be forwarded to NFDB through State Fisheries Departments.

Pattern of Assistance

Sl. No. Name of the Activity/Scheme Unit Cost Pattern of assistance
A Training on Deep Sea Fishing and Tuna Processing DA @ Rs.150/day/ trainee; Reimbursement of to and fro travel expenses actual/ max Rs. 500/-; Honorarium to resource person @ Rs.500/- per day and TA actual/max @ Rs. 1000/- per programme; to Implementing agency @ Rs. 75/day/trainee 100% financial assistance to Govt. Institutions/ agencies having expertise

Source: National Fisheries Development Board

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