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Schemes for Mariculture

This topic provides information about schemes for Mariculture.

World aquaculture production (food fish and aquatic plants) has grown significantly during the past half-a-century. Mariculture is an activity involving food production for human consumption. It is an activity in which aquatic organisms both plants and animals are cultured in a confined environment in the aquatic medium which may be completely marine or marine mixed to various degrees with freshwater in the brackishwater areas.

The potentially cultivable candidate species in India include about 20 species of finfishes, 29 crustaceans, 17 molluscs, 7 seaweeds and many other species of ornamental and therapeutic value.

Objectives of the scheme

  • To supplement the marine fish production through:
    • production of fin fish seed by diversification of shrimp hatcheries
    • open sea cage culture.
    • Diversified mariculture through molluscan farming
  • Popularization of concept of the cage culture through setting of model demonstration and units and imparting training to the traditional fishermen

Components of Assistance

The National Fisheries Development Board (NFDB) assists the following components:

  1. Production of finfish seed in shrimp hatcheries
  2. Setting up of open sea cage culture
  3. Demonstration of model sea cage culture to traditional fishermen
  4. Marine ornamental fish culture
  5. Mussel Farming

Eligibility criteria

Production of finfish seed from shrimp hatcheries

  • Individuals/Organizations with the ownership of shrimp/scampi hatcheries located in coastal areas where the water resource is suitable for marine finfish seed production and clear title of land where the hatchery is situated.
  • Commitment of entrepreneur to bear 80% of the cost towards diversification.
  • Prospective entrepreneur should have received training, preferably in finfish hatchery operations

Setting up of open sea cage culture

  • Entrepreneurs/Companies with a previous record of undertaking large-scale aquaculture operations and having adequate on-shore facilities for seed rearing.
  • Sea going fishermen by forming into groups and operating the scheme through Fisheries federations/ corporations.
  • Availability of necessary clearances for undertaking the cage culture activity in the coastal areas.
  • Commitment of state fisheries Federations/ corporations, entrepreneur to bear 80% of the cost

Demonstration of model cage culture to traditional fishermen

For setting up demonstration farms

The following criteria shall be applicable for the selection of organization/agency for setting up demonstration farms:

  • ICAR Research Institutes/State Fisheries Departments/ state Fisheries Federations/Corporations, Fisheries Colleges, with adequate facilities and background in coastal aquaculture and mariculture
  • Possessing adequate manpower and expertise to conduct frontline demonstration to traditional fishermen
Selection of farmers/fisherman for receiving the demonstration

The following criteria shall be applicable for the selection of farmer/fisherman for receiving the demonstration:

  • Should be a fisherman with fishing/fish farming as the major occupation
  • Should be sponsored by State Government/Fishermen Co-operatives/ SHGs/Fisheries Development Agencies
  • Priority should be given for fishermen affected by Marine Protected Areas/natural calamities.

Marine ornamental fish culture

For establishment of two demonstration hatcheries, Agencies with expertise for ornamental fish seed production echnologies would be considered and fishermen familiar with marine ornamental fishes would be given preference for training.

Mussel Farming

The criteria for selection of farmers/fishers for grants for estuarine/ open-sea mussel farming are as follows:

  • Proximity of fishers/ farmers homestead to an estuarine water body with marine conditions during summer months/ Proximity of fishers/ farmers homestead to calm seas
  • Proximity to sea where seed mussels will be available during post-monsoon months
  • Necessary clearances for undertaking mussel farming in coastal waters

Pattern of Assistance

Sl. No. Name of the Activity/ Scheme Unit Cost Pattern of assistance
A Setting up of new hatcheries for brackishwater fin fish seed production Rs. 72 lakh 40% subsidy on the unit cost not exceeding Rs. 28.80 lakh /unit
B Diversification of shrimp hatcheries to brackishwater fin fish seed production Rs. 70 lakh 40% subsidy on the unit cost not exceeding Rs. 28.00 lakh/unit
C Assistance for setting up Open Sea Cage Culture units Capital cost of Rs. 6.00 lakh/cage and working capital of Rs. 4.15 lakh/cage of 12-metre dia. 40% grant to Central Govt. Institutions/State Fisheries Departments/ Corporations

40% back ended subsidy on capital and recurring costs to fishermen groups and entrepreneurs
D Assistance for setting up of Open Sea Cage Culture units by fishermen societies and SHGs Capital cost of Rs. 1.25 lakh/cage of 6-metre dia. 40% as back ended subsidy on capital cost
E Assistance to Mussel/Oyster/Clam culture/ other commercial shellfishes Rs. 20,000/ unit of 50 m2 area 40% subsidy on the unit cost, to fishermen/ SHG’s/ entrepreneurs
F Training on Marine Ornamental Fish Culture As per NFDB guidelines 100% financial assistance to Govt. Institutions having expertise

Source: National Fisheries Development Board

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