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Standardisded technologies for handling and processing of Agriculture and Horticulture crops are covered under this section

Technologies from CIPHET
Technologies developed and commercialised by CIPHET under the All India Coordinated Research Project on Post Harvest Technology are covered here.
Preparation of Ber candy
Preparing candy from ber fruits using osmo-air-drying technology developed by CIPHET is explained here
Low-cost Ginger storage structure
Clayed Bamboo wall Ginger Storage structure suitable for storing harvested ginger and propagation material in North Eastern region is explained here.
Value addition in Pineapple
Pineapple is a major fruit grown in Meghalaya. Preparation of various value added products from pineapple like juice, squash, RTS and jam are explained here
Technologies for ripening fruits
Uniform ripening of fruits is a major problem in the fruit industry. Various harmless methods followed for induced ripening of fruits are explained here
Storage insect Pests management gadgets from TNAU
Various gadgets developed for managing stored grain insect pests are explained here
Support for Cold storage
Various schemes under which central government is providing support for establishing cold storage facilities are listed
Mandarin Post Harvest Managment
Handling of mandarin fruits from harvest to marketing is explained here
Rice Milling
This topic provides information about parameters that affect rice milling and the rice milling process.
Pest management for stored grains
This topic provides information about pest management for stored grains.
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