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Layers & Broilers

Commercial breeds, housing management, brooder management, layer management, feed management etc are covered here

Layer strains & suppliers
Commercial layer strains and the companies supplying the chicks are listed here.
Broiler Production
Broilers are chickens raised specifically for meat production. Chickens are one of the most common and widespread domestic animals.
Housing management
Types of housing adopted in commercial production of layers and broilers, floor space requirements explained here
Brooding management
Management of brooder stage birds in various systems are explained here
Grower management
Essential operations to be carried out before and after introducing the grower birds in the poultry shed are explained here
Layer management
Points to be considered during layer management are listed here
Feeding management
Nutritional requirements of layer and broiler birds are explained here
Health management
Vaccination schedule for layers and broilers are explained here
Broiler Production Technology For North-Eastern Hill Region
This topic provide information about Broiler Production Technology For North-Eastern Hill Region
Model bankable project on poultry layer farming
This topic covers information about Model bankable project on Poultry Layer Farming.
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