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Brooding management

Management of brooder stage birds in various systems are explained here

Brooding management in deep litter system

Essential operations to be carried out prior to receiving chicks

  • Cleaning and disinfection of poultry house.
  • Spreading litter material.
  • Form a circle of about 5 feet diameter with brooder guard which can hold about 200 to 250 chicks.
  • News papers, heat source, feeder and waterer arrangements inside the brooder guard.
  • Spread ground maize or fine mash / crumble feed on the newspaper.
  • Check the brooder for proper temperature of 90 to 950 F.

Essential operations to be carried out after receiving chicks

  • After arrival of chicks, moist the beak and leave the chicks under heating source.
  • Maintain a brooder temperature of 90 to 950F for the first week and then reduce 50F every week until it reaches the room temperature.
  • First and second day provide electrolytes and vitamins in drinking water to overcome stress.
  • Watch the behaviour of chicks in order to find out whether temperature provided is correct or less or more.
  • In case of too much temperature, we can reduce the heat by reducing the power of the bulb or we can raise the heating element.
  • In case of too low temperature, we have to supplement more heating source or we can further down the heating element.
  • 24 hours lighting programme may be adopted during 0-8 days of age.
  • One hour darkness may be provided to train the chicks in case of any power failure.
  • Remove the old newspaper after 3 days and destroy it by burning. If necessary, spread another set of newspaper.
  • Remove brooder guard after 7 to 10 days depending upon the season.

Brooding and rearing of broilers

  • It is similar to that for egg-type chicks


Source: Expert System on Poultry, ICAR-TANUVAS-TNAU

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