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This section covers about Irrigation schemes of Andaman Nicobar

What to Do?

  • Conserve soil and water through Good Agricultural Practices.
  • Harvest rain water through construction of check dams and ponds.
  • Adopt crop diversification, seed production and nursery raising in water logged areas.
  • Adopt drip and sprinkler irrigation system to save 30-37% water and enhance crop quality and productivity.

What Can You Get?

S.No Type of Assistance Quantum of assistance
per kilogram of seeds
1 Installation of Micro irrigation
system including pumpset.
75% of the cost limted
to Rs.93,750/- per Ha.
State Plan Scheme
2 Supply of Pumpsets /
Construction of RCC Ringwell.
50% of the approved
State Plan Scheme
3 Excavation of Pond under Loan -
cum-subsidy/ Shramdan -cumsubsidy
to individual beneficiary
and cooperatives societies.
50% of the estimated
State Plan Scheme

Whom/Where to Contact?

Zonal Assistant Director(Agri)/Nearest Agriculture Sub-Depot/Agriculture Field Staff/ Rural Knowledge Centre /Kisan Call Centre - Phone : 03192-243434

Source: Department of Agriculture

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