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Soil Health, Soil Conservation and Fertilizers

This section covers about Soil Health, Soil Conservation and Fertilizers related schemes of Arunachal Pradesh.

What to Do?

  • Always use appropriate fertilizer in right quantity based on soil test.
  • Must use organic manures to maintain the fertility of soil.
  • In order to get maximum benefit of the fertilizers, always apply in root zone instead of broadcasting.
  • Resort to judicious and efficient use of Phosphatic Fertilizers for proper development of roots/shoots and timely maturity of crops, particularly the legumes which fix atmospheric Nitrogen for enrichment of soil.
  • For reclaiming acidic soil, use lime and for saline/usar soil,use gypsum.
  • Farmers desirous of adopting Participatory Organic Guarantee System (PGS - India) Certification system may form a group of at least 5 farmers and get it registered with the nearest Regional Council or Regional Centre of Organic Farming.

What Can You Get?

S.No Type of Assistance Criteria for Assistance/Maximum Limit Scheme/ Component

Assistance for soil improvement
1 Supply of gypsum/pyrite/lime/ dolomite 50% cost of the material + transportation limited to Rs.750/- per hectare. National Mission on Oilseeds and Oil Palm (NMOOP)
2 Plant protection chemicals Insecticides, fungicides, bio-pesticides, bio-agents, micronutrients, bio-fertilisers etc., @ 50% of the cost limited to ` 500/- per hectare. NMOOP
3 Adoption of organic farming Rs. 10,000/- per hectare National Horticulture
Mission (NHM)/ Horticulture
Mission for North-East and
Himalayan States (HMNEH)
Sub schemes under Mission
for Integrated Development
of Horticulture (MIDH)
4 Vermi-Compost Unit Rs 50,000/- per unit (having dimension of NHM/
30' x 8' x 2.5' or 600 cft, on prorata basis)
HMNEH Sub schemes under MIDH
5 High Density Poly Ethylene
(HDPE) Vermi Bed
Rs 8000/- per unit (having dimension of 12' x 4' x 2' or 96 cu ft, on prorata basis) HMNEH Sub schemes under MIDH
6 Promotion of Integrated Nutrient Management Rs 1200 /- per hectare (upto an area of 4 hectares) HMNEH Sub schemes under MIDH
7 Supply of gypsum 
phosphogypsum / bentonite
sulphur in wheat & pulses
50% of the cost limited to Rs. 750/- per hectare National Food Security Mission (NFSM)
8 Micronutrients in wheat, pulses and rice 50% of the cost limited to Rs. 500/- per hectare NFSM
9 Lime/liming materials in rice and pulses 50% of the cost of the material limited to
Rs. 1000/ha.
10 Bio-fertilizers (Rhyzobium /PSB) 50% of the cost limited to Rs. 100/- per ha. NFSM
11 Setting up of new Mobile/Static 
Soil Testing Laboratories (MSTL/ SSTL) Training
75% Assistance of total project cost to State Govt. for SSTL subject to a maximum limit of Rs. 56 lakhs per SSTL/MSTL. National Mission for Sustainable Agriculture (NMSA)
12 Promotion and distribution of  micronutrients 50% of cost subject to a limit of ` 500/- per ha.and/ or Rs 1000/- per beneficiary NMSA
13 Setting up of state-of-the-art  liquid/carrier based Biofertilizer / Biopesticide units 25% of cost limited to ` 40 lakhs per unit for individuals/private agencies through NABARD capital investment of 200 TPA production capacity NMSA
14 Setting up of mechanized Fruit/
Vegetable market waste/Agro
waste compost production unit
33% of cost limited to Rs. 63 lakhs/unit for individuals/private agencies through NABARDas capital investment for 3000 TPA production
15 Promotion of Organic Inputs on 
farmer's field (Manure,
Vermicompost, Bio-Fertilizers,
Herbal extracts etc.)
50% of cost subject to a limit of Rs 5000/- per ha and Rs 10,000/- per beneficiary. Proposed to cover 1 million ha area.
Liquid/Solid Waste compost,
16 Adoption of organic farming through cluster approach under Participatory Guarantee System
(PGS) certification
Rs.20,000/- per ha subject to a maximum of Rs. 40,000/- per beneficiary for 3-year term NMSA
17 Support to PGS system for on-line data management and residue analysis Rs.200/- per farmer subject to a maximum of Rs. 5000/- per group/year restricted to Rs.1.00 lakh per Regional Council. Upto 10,000/- per sample
for residue testing (Residue analysis to be done in NABL Labs)
18 Organic Village adoption for manure management and biological nitrogen harvesting Rs.10 lakhs/village for adoption of integrated manure management planting of fertilizer trees on bunds and promotion of legume intercropping through groups/SHGs etc. (Maximum 10 villages per annum/state will be supported)
19 Demonstration on Organic Farming Rs.20,000/- per demonstration for a group of 50 participants or more
20 Reclamation of Problem Soil Alkaline / Saline Soil 50% of cost to a limit of Rs 25,000/- per ha. and or Rs.50,000/- per beneficiary. Acidic Soil 50% of cost subject to a limit of Rs. 3000/- per ha.
and / or Rs. 6000/- per beneficiaries

Whom to Contact?

District Agriculture Officer / District Horticulture Officer / Project Director, ATMA.

Source: Department of Agriculture & Cooperation

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