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This section covers about Irrigation related schemes of Goa

What Can You Get

S.No Type of Assistance Criteria for assistance/ maximum
State Schemes/ Components
1 (a) Assistance for installation of new
pumpset for irrigation.
90% subsidy on standard cost. Assistance for creation of
irrigation facilities
(b) Assistant for replacement of old
50% subsidy on standard cost
(c) For above 5 HP pumpsets and add on gadgets 50% subsidy on standard cost
2 a) Installation of drip irrigation system 90% Subsidy Assistance for micro
irrigation State and Central
b) Installation of sprinkler system 70% Subsidy
3 Assistant for laying pipes to carry water from the source to the field minimum area is 0.1 ha. 50% limited to Rs.25000/- per farmers Assistance for water conveying pipeline
4 Assistance to create water storage
50% subsidy limited to
Rs.80000/- for minimum
15 m3 and Maximum
100 m3 storage.
Assistance for water
storage tank
5 Assistance for digging & construction of Irrigation well in a minimum area of 0.2 ha. per farmer 75% of standard cost
limited to Rs.1.50 lakhs
per well
Assistance for Digging and
Construction of Well

Whom to Contact?

Dy.Director of Agriculture (Farms), Horticulture Development Programmes, Irrigation, Department of Agriculture.

Source: Department of Agriculture & Cooperation

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