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Role of women in agriculture and its allied fields

This topic covers the role of women in agriculture, livestock, poultry, etc.

Women play a significant and crucial role in agricultural development and allied fields. The nature and extent of women's involvement in agriculture varies greatly from region to region. But regardless of these variations, women are actively involved in various agricultural activities.

Rural women perform numerous labour intensive jobs such as weeding, hoeing, grass cutting, picking, cotton stick collection, separation of seeds from fibre, keeping of livestock and its other associated activities like milking, milk processing, preparation of ghee, etc. Details of activities taken up by women in Agriculture and its allied activities are as follows.


Mainly rural women are engaged in agricultural activities in three different ways depending on the socio-economic status of their family and regional factors. They work as:

  • Paid Labourers.
  • Cultivator doing labour on their own land.
  • Managers of certain aspects of agricultural production by way of labour supervision and the participation in post harvest operations.

The types of agricultural activities taken up by women include the following :

  • Sowing
  • Nursery management
  • Transplanting
  • Weeding
  • Irrigation
  • Fertilizer application
  • Plant protection
  • Harvesting, winnowing, storing etc.


Livestock is the primary livelihood activity used to meet household food needs as well as supplement farm incomes. It is a common practice in the rural areas to give an animal as part of a women's dowry. Studies have revealed rural women earn extra income from the sale of milk and animals. Mostly women are engaged in cattle management activities such as

  • Cleaning of animal and sheds
  • Watering of cattle
  • Milking the animals
  • Fodder collection
  • Preparing dung cakes
  • Collection farm yard manure

Except grazing, all other livestock management activities are predominantly performed by women. Men, however, share the responsibility of taking care of sick animals. It is evident that the women are playing a dominant role in the livestock production and management activities.


Poultry farming is one of the major sources of rural economy. The rate of women participation in poultry farming at household level is central in poultry industry.

Source : TNAU Agritech portal

Pawan Sep 18, 2017 12:19 PM

There can be a section in which it is described as how these different sectors affect the life style of women and also how these sectors are being affected by the participation of women. These facts must be advocated with different facts and figures.

Thank you!

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