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Thanks for indicating the mistake. It is 150 tonnes and the same is corrected.
Viji Jun 22, 2018
How 600*250kg =15000 tons
Thangarajan Jun 22, 2018
In inter company portability the equipment can be surrendered only by consumer or by anyone ?? Inter company portability is can be done on phome [...]
Kanhaiya Jun 22, 2018
if husband availed subsidy loan under needs scheme in DIC can his wife avail subsidy loan under PMEGP in DIC
anbu Jun 22, 2018
Sir/ Ma'am,please tell me if there is any possibility to join DIKSHA as a teacher. And the scheme provided for a teacher on the platform
Shiva Chaturvedi Jun 21, 2018
this is very good information according to me as a nutritionist its correct 100%
fati Jun 21, 2018
The time when the article was posted is important as cocoon price increases year after year may dwindling production.The cost of production of one kilo [...]
L S RAMASAMY Jun 21, 2018
The word’ Yoga’ is derived from the Sanskrit word ‘yuj‘ which means ‘to unite’ or ‘join’. Simply stated, yoga causes union of individual’s consciousness with [...]
Roy Parker Jun 21, 2018
I have deleted my profile by mistake.. Again I am generating profile but OTP is not getting to my registered mobile number... Please 🙏 help [...]
Vidyananda Kini Jun 21, 2018
your calculation of SGPA IS WRONG. 3X8=18. IT IS 3X6=18 G.TOTAL IS 131 AND NOT 130 SGPA 131/20= 6.55
BaldegvSingh Jun 21, 2018
Production of A1 milk should be discouraged and benefit of A2 milk should be made on mass awareness measure.
Pradip Kumar Barik Jun 20, 2018
i want to what is the validity of caste certificate in jharkhand, if i am a ST caste.
renu bedia Jun 20, 2018
Please clarify about the % of cost allocation out of the budget earmarked per ha Rs.12,000/- and who are the target group/ stake holders for [...]
smf.htl@gmail.com Jun 20, 2018
How to find my new 12 digit ppo no
N Nagaraja Nagappa Jun 20, 2018
Can u tell me application date when open in every year
Venkateswarao Jun 20, 2018
I had applied for single girl child scholarship 2016-17. I received award letter. I didn't completed the uploading process because, our institution not received any [...]
Sonali Solat Jun 20, 2018
did any one get single girl child fellowship 2016-17?? as I am not able to upload my documents as mentioned in the award letter. Kindly [...]
Parul Tripathi Jun 19, 2018
Dear Sir, I want to know more about the Solar PV Duster. Can you send me more information along with price, and where to buy [...]
Sujoy Datta Jun 19, 2018
Now both Class II and III digital signatures are enabled for e-filing
Tapan Brahma Jun 19, 2018
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