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The topic can be cover treatment of Diabetes and Importants of medical check ups for diabetic patients.
Suresh Kumar OP Aug 21, 2017
I Have one gril child with two years old .Your scheme is applicable for my child
v.ESVARAIYA Aug 21, 2017
We have on line apply and fill the form on line, now wen i am going to upload the form the message find "you are [...]
Pritee Kumari Aug 21, 2017
Want samples please help me in getting it
Manzoor Aug 20, 2017
I am from south Mumbai. Born and bought up in a very small house. As the land on which my house is build belongs to [...]
aamir .k Aug 20, 2017
Its really useful
Pratiksha Aug 20, 2017
Is it the condition of K C C renewal date for fasal bima yojna..??
S. N. Londhe Aug 20, 2017
I am in 12th standard but I am interested to this career so please help me and give me suggestions I hope that you will [...]
Jadhav S.R Aug 21, 2017
i want to about how the result of examination of cbcs scheme is decided. should we get 40/100 or 12 and 28 in internal and [...]
vamsi Aug 19, 2017
I ama Senior Citizen, resident of NCR Meerut. I tried my best for filling on line the 2nd Appeal but the same was not found [...]
Jaiprakash verma Aug 19, 2017
ya . its quite useful.....but not that much as i have expected
kanikasharma Aug 18, 2017
hi i forget my pf account no. and i dont have uan number also pls help me
divya Aug 18, 2017
Hello. I am a pineapple farmer in Uganda. How can one extract wine from pineapples and what is the required equipment(relatively cheap)
Edwin Bakiza Aug 18, 2017
Hi, Great job! all the information related to various scholarship program is given here in a excellent mode. it really helpful for the students. Thanks [...]
prtigya kr Aug 18, 2017
if we apply grasses of cooler into the window and connect pipe of water tank through it and when train starts inside we feel cool [...]
Mahender jakhar Aug 18, 2017
Please let me know whether the existing scheme for financial assistance to NGOs working in the field of women and child labour is applicable for [...]
Sarat Kumar Nayak, Dhenkanal Aug 18, 2017
very very helpful thanx for it.
mukesh kumar Aug 18, 2017
Will a government registered NGO able to establish eklavaya school in a district? Aug 18, 2017
Really good job. Thank you team of Vikaspedia.
Rama Aug 17, 2017
The article is good
UJJWAL SINGH Aug 17, 2017
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