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Online RTI portal of Election Commission of India

This topic provides information about Online RTI portal of Election Commission of India.

The Election Commission Of India has launched its online RTI Portal. The online portal will facilitate applicants seeking information under the Right to Information Act. The online RTI Portal of Election Commission of India can be accessed at http://rti.eci.nic.in.


  • An applicant who desires to obtain information under the RTI Act, 2005 can make a request through this RTI Online Portal to the Election Commission of India.
  • Online payment gateway is available for making payment of requisite fees under the RTI Act.
  • The portal also facilitates online reply to applications and also for making first appeal and reply thereto.
  • Status/Reply of the RTI Application or First appeal filed online can be viewed by the applicant by clicking on "RTI tracking on home page" or by clicking on “view status” in dashboard.
  • Provides for timely notification alerts to RTI applicant via SMS and E-Mail.

How to use

  • Visit the online RTI Portal of Election Commission of India at http://rti.eci.nic.in.
  • Login by entering mobile number or e mail ID  and the given Captcha code. On clicking submit, an OTP will be sent to the entered mobile number or email ID. Enter the received OTP to enable access the services of the portal.
Filing a new RTI application
  • Pls note : The text of the application may be written in the prescribed column of the RTI request form. At present, the text of the application is confined up to 2000 characters only. In case, the text of an application contains more than 2000 characters, it can be uploaded as a PDF attachment in the "Supporting Document" column of the form.
  • After filling the first page of the RTI request form, a non-BPL applicant has to click on "Make Payment" button for payment of the prescribed RTI fee. The applicant can pay the prescribed RTI fee through the following modes: (i) Using ATM-cum-Debit card It may be noted that no RTI fee is required to be paid by a citizen who is below poverty line, as per RTI Rules, 2012. However, the BPL applicant must attach a copy of the certificate issued by the appropriate government in this regard, along with the application.
  • On submission of an application, a unique registration number will be issued, which may be referred by the applicant for any future reference. It may be noted that the application filed through this RTI Online Portal will reach electronically to the "Nodal Officer" of the Election Commission of India and "Not" to the CPIO of the Election Commission of India. The Nodal Officer will transmit the RTI application electronically to the concerned CPIO.
  • In case the RTI application is not meant for the Election Commission of India which has been filed by the applicant, the "Nodal Officer" of the Election Commission of India would transfer the application electronically to the "CPIO" of the concerned department and then CPIO will transfer to concerned ministry / public authority. It may be noted that RTI applications filed through this portal for the Ministries/Departments / public authority / state public authorities, including NCT of Delhi, would be rejected, without any refund of fee.
  • In case additional fee representing the cost is required for providing information, the CPIO will intimate the same, which can be viewed by the applicant through "RTI Status - RTI Tracking" option in the RTI Online Portal and an e-mail alert or SMS or both will also be sent to the applicant for the same. Addition payment can be paid offline only in the form of demand draft / Cheque / IPO.
Filing an appeal with First Appellate Authority
  • For making an appeal to the first Appellate Authority, the applicant has to go on RTI status. Apply for first appeal option will be there. To click on this will make enable to applicant fill form and apply for first appeal.
  • Please note that as per RTI Act, no fee has to be paid for first appeal.

Source : Online RTI portal of ECI

Sandip Pandit Bhoyar Apr 13, 2019 09:10 PM

First of all, i have a question instead of any kind suggestion. I am eager to know that... Is there any probability of exemption to file RTI against any govt./private sector by a physically disabled person?

Bibhutosh Das Jun 07, 2018 11:22 PM

Very much working information.

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