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MNREGS related online Complaint Process

Information related to online Public Grievance redressal mechanism under MGNREG Act-2005 is provided in this section.

Lodge MGNREGS related complaint online

Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme (MNREGS) is implemented by Ministry of Rural Development (Government of India) across the country with the help of state governments. This scheme provides 100 days job guarantee to unemployed persons of BPL families within the radius of 5 km from their house.

If any person, who has applied for job under MNREG Act 2005 (MGNREGA) and till date they have not received job card or they are not getting wage regularly or getting lesser amount etc, s/he can submit his/her complaint online to the concerned state officer for redressal.

When to register MNREGS complaint?

You can register your case in any of the following situations:

Registration / Job Card

  • If Gram Panchayat not registering an eligible person for issue of job card
  • If Gram Panchayat has not issued Job card
  • If Job Card has not been given to the workers


  • Delay in payment
  • Partial payment
  • No Payment
  • Improper method used


  • No timely measurement
  • Improper Measurement
  • Engineer not coming for measurement
  • Measurement Equipment is not available

Demand for work

  • Not registering demand
  • Not giving dated receipt

Work Allocation

  • No work Available
  • Not allocating work within 5 km
  • Not giving TA/DA for work site > 5 km
  • Not allocating work on time

Work Management

  • Work not created
  • No health facility at place of work
  • Salary not given as per semiskilled/skilled norms

Unemployment Allowances

  • Unemployment Allowances not paid
  • Not accepting application


  • Fund not available
  • Fund not transferred
  • Fund in transit
  • Banks charging money for transfer of wages


  • Material not available
  • Hike in price
  • Bad quality of material

Who can register complaint?

  • Worker
  • Citizen
  • NGOs
  • Media
  • VIP

Complaint submission process

To submit MNREGS related complaint online, please follow these steps:

Step 1: Click hereto submit your MNREGS related complaint

Step-2: Select your state name

Step-3: An Application Form will appear

Step-4: First select your identification, whether you are- Worker or Citizen or NGOs or Media or VIP

Step-5: Select the source from which you got information regarding irregularities in MNREGS

Step-6: Enter required information in given box and click on “Submit Complaint” button

Status check of registered complaint

After submitting your complaint, you can also check the statusof your complaint, whether it has been redressed or not.

Visit Public Grievance for more information about Grievance redressal under MNREGS.

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It is not shown state option.Only the state shown as Andaman & Niconer, Why is this ? How can I lodge a complain /

Mukesh babu Jul 08, 2019 12:07 PM

A team of 20 people should be made in every district. They should be asked to visit villages every 6 months once to check the status of the village benefits - village road, school's activities, youth of the village and their play ground, lighting, farming related government schemes, etc. A live video conference recording every issue to be done. The all people will get benefit of government schemes.

Ajay Jun 27, 2019 06:02 PM

Their is no appear of Alipurduar District in West Bengal state how to complain now.

Subash Kumar S Apr 21, 2019 06:36 PM

Dear sir/Madam,
I request you that use the employees of 100days worker to developing their own village or town or District. In most of the villages in Tamil Nadu workers are just lying down or sitting simply after doing some small work for that day, instead of wasting time and money they can be used to develop the villages. So kindly take necessary action as soon as possible.
Thank you

Indian Citizen Mar 29, 2019 07:01 PM

There is lot of corruption happening in Village punchayats still. This is about a Punchayat in Karnataka.

Panchayat Address -
Karambal Panchayat, Taluka - Khanapur,Dist - Belgaum, Karnataka.

Here in this punchayat Lot of fraud is happening in most of the scemes. In Mnerga they have hired some village ladies(Jalaga Village) to work and they have made there Mnerga cards which are linked with JanDhan Account. After that most of the womens stoped going to work but Money is still coming in there account without work and village grampunchayat member from jalaga he will take all the womens and go the bank and ask them to withdraw money they are gating in there account and he takes all money from them and in return he will give just 100 or 200 rs to this village womens. Now without any working womens are gating 100 or 200 rs so they are happy. They dont have any problame becouse they dont understand this corruption and all. My request is to put enquiry in this matter and if officials want then they can easily find the corruption happening there.

I feen very bad when i see all this things happening everyday around us.

Please do something.


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