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National Prisons Information Portal

This topic provides information related to the National Prisons Information Portal.

National Prisons Information Portal is a citizen centric portal showing statistical data of various prisons in the country. It also facilitates online visit request and grievance redressal. As on September 2017, 682 prisons across 36 states/ UTs are on-board.

Services offered to the public

  • Registration of visit request and Status query of that request - Visitors can book there visit request to meet their ward inside the prison through this portal;
  • SMS/eMail Alerts to the visitors;
  • Statistical information / drilled down Reports on national basis;
  • Sumission of grievance - Grievances with respect to their wards inside the prisons can also submitted through the porta
  • KaraBazaar - Portal for showcasing and selling the products manufactured in various prisons of the country by inmates.

Procedure for applying the visit request and checking status

  • Visit https://eprisons.nic.in/NPIP/public/MyVisitRegistration.aspx
  • Submit the required details such as Name, address, etc of the visitor and name of the prison inmate. On successful submission, the visit details as entered (registration number, date of visit and approval status) are communicated to the visitor through SMS / eMail.
  • The visit requested will be authenticated / verified by the officer to be visited through this eVisitor operational at the Ministry;
  • To know the current approval status of the visit request, click here. The status can be tracked by entering Registration Number.
  • The status of visit approval / change in visiting time will be communicated to the visitor through SMS / eMail;
  • Visitor pass will be issued to the approved visitors after capturing a photograph at the reception counter.
  • If visitor is earlier registered at least once with this eVisitor, he / she can refer his / her old registration number, mobile number or personal details for quick registration of his / her current visit at the Reception Counter.

Procedure for submitting a grievance

  • Visit https://eprisons.nic.in/NPIP/public/grievance.aspx
  • Prospective visitors can submit the grievance details - Name, Mobile number and Relation with Inmate and Grievance details (State, Jail, Prisoner name, age, gender, Grievance category and message).
  • The Grievance will be authenticated / verified by the appropriate officer.
  • To know the current status of the grievance, click here. The status can be tracked by entering the Grievance Request Number.
  • The status of Grievance will be communicated to the visitor through SMS / eMal;
  • If visitor is earlier registered at least once with this portal, he / she can refer his / her old request number, mobile number or personal details for quick submission of his / her grievance.

Procedure for Tracking Inmates

  • Citizen can search their relatives in correctional homes. Only authorized person can search the data base.
  • There is login id and password given to the authorised user.
  • After login, Authorized person can search on the following parameters Personal Details, Crime Details, Movement Details and Fingerprint based search.

Other services provides

Services - To the Prisons:

  • Controlled registration of prisoners (checking duplicity of prisoner’s entry to the jail);
  • Recording and tracking their movement activities and their management throughout their term inside the prison;
  • Availability of various reports (daily/Monthly) for administrative purpose;
  • Graphical and statistical reports for monitoring and informational purpose;
  • Various alerts like Hearing, 436/436 A, parole jump, inventory, medicine etc for monitoring purpose.

Services - To the Courts:

  • Availability of CrPC 436 / 436 ‘A’/441 reports to court.
  • Availability of Nominal roll online to the court;
  • Alerts for jumping Parole/Interim Bail retrun due dates;
  • Availability of other information of the prisoner online to the court on demand.

Services - To the Police, Other investigating agencies:

  • Nationwide search for inmates and their complete profile;
  • Marking of Alert (eMail/SMS) at various events;
  • Reports of list and statistical format for a period which can be drilled down to individual jails
Source : National Prisons Information Portal
priyanka Jul 06, 2018 12:15 PM

what all documents are accessible to prisoners and what is the procedure for the same

Dipti Apr 29, 2018 10:29 PM

Why there is difference of diet and quality in every jail ?? Even within same jurisdiction ?? Seems injustice and corruption to the core

Dipti Apr 29, 2018 10:27 PM

Start having cameras in jail after byculla jail inmates no prison is safe
Also speedy trials need to be made more then fifty percent inmates are inside due to no lawyer application reached to court

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