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Swachhata app

This topic provides information about Swachhata app.

The Swachhata application is a fourth generation complaint redressal mobile and web platform. It is a quantum leap in how complaints and grievances are being redressed by Municipal Corporations in India. This solution is for all the 4041 towns and cities of India.

The core of the Swachhata application is to use citizen participation and civic engagement to help resolve the Swachh Bharat complaints.

It is an initiative of the Swachh Bharat Mission in association with the Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs.

Benefits to citizens

  1. The app can pinpoint the location of the complaint with accuracy using the geo-location of the picture, which will lead to faster resolution of the complaint.
  2. Regular complaint status updates - Citizens will get regular updates on the status of the complaint in the form of a push notification.
  3. Push notification when resolved - Citizens will get a push notification with the 'Resolved' image uploaded by the sanitary inspector or engineer when they change the status to Resolved.
  4. Reopen unresolved complaint - Citizens can reopen the complaint if they are not satisfied with the resolution.
  5. Users can also vote up on complaints in their locality or complaints uploaded by friends and neighbours.

How does the system work?

The key to the working of this mobile application is large scale citizen participation. Sanitation problems in urban India cannot be left for the government alone to resolve. This is where the application comes in, with its inputs from citizens to monitor and resolve issues in real time. The app amplifies citizen voices and helps build communities that can stay engaged during the course of the Swachh Bharat movement.

The system consists of the following modules.

  1. Citizen application- A mobile application on Android and iOS for citizens to upload Swachh Bharat complaints.
  2. The Engineer Application : A mobile application in Android for the sanitary engineer/inspector to see the complaints uploaded by the citizen and take action on the ground.
  3. Municipal Administrator Website : A website for Municipal Commissioners and their digital teams to monitor the complaints received in their cities and towns.
  4. Ranking & Rating Website : This is a website open to all citizens, it will provide a rating and ranking for all the cities on the Swachhata platform based on the resolution rate. It will provide a break down of the performance of each ward in the city.

Once a citizen posts a complaint using the citizen app, Sanitary inspectors look into the issue and get it resolved. A photo of the resolved status is also uploaded for the citizen to check and provide feedback.

Action on the complaints may vary depending on the categories. Action for most complaints will be initiated from 6 hours of registration.The categories and the service level agreement is as follows.

  1. Dead animals - 48 hours
  2. Dustbins not cleared - 12 hours
  3. Garbage dumps - 12 hours
  4. Garbage vehicle not arrived - 12 hours
  5. Sweeping not done - 12 hours
  6. No electricity in public toilets - 12 hours
  7. No water in public toilets - 12 hours
  8. Toilets not cleaned / Blockage - 12 hours

How to use?

  1. Citizens can download the mobile application and use it to file complaints. The citizens only need to take a picture of the complaint they see on the ground and post it through the Swachhata app.
  2. The app is available for Android and iOS platforms.
Source : Swachh City
Sat Narain bansal Jan 24, 2019 09:17 PM

I posted complaint regarding disposal of garbage in open space near gate no.2 of Phulkian Enclave,Patiala.No one even visited the site,what to talk of any ground work. Even then concerned person Balwan Singh posted that complaint has been resolved. I gave feedback that complaint has not been resolved. No action even then. I repeated the complaint on app but the result was same. It was shown resolved. This app is wastage of time and energy. Irresponsible officers must be punished for telling lie and misleading public and authorities.
Sat Narain Bansal
M 97*******92
Mail: *******@gmail.com

Nimish Shirodkar Nov 14, 2018 09:49 AM

This app is as useles as the bmc itself is....i have atleast made 20 complaints for open defecation in last one month.....the complaint is marked resolved without any ground work

citizen Sep 20, 2018 01:07 PM

i am xxx, From Rameswaram...
swachhta app have many loading problem in my city..occured many errors at anytime...mostly unauthorized error was occured.. plz solve this...make a best performance

Bhavani Sep 13, 2018 09:46 PM

How do we complain about fireworks and firecrackers?

Jatinderpal singh chadha Sep 04, 2018 08:07 AM

I am a resident of HOUSING SOCIETY in Sector 49, my question is whether this Application can be used by residents of SOCIETIES for making complaints regarding cleanliness ?

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