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Unreserved Ticketing System on Mobile

This topic provides information about UTS on mobile app by Indian Railways.

The Un-Reserved Ticket through Mobile Application (UTS app) was started by the Indian Railways on 27 Dec, 2014 from Mumbai Suburban area. This app is available free download  for Android & Windows mobile phones.

Services offered

Presently the mobile application provides the following services.

  1. Booking of Suburban Ticket
  2. Cancellation of Suburban ticket.
  3. Issue/Renew Season ticket.
  4. Booking of Platform ticket.
  5. Check R-Wallet balance.
  6. Surrender of R-Wallet.
  7. User profile management.
  8. Booking History.

Booking of Journey ticket

  • The passenger can book paperless ticket through mobile application and ticket will be delivered in the mobile application itself. The passenger can travel without taking hard copy of the ticket. In order to book paperless journey ticket & platform Ticket, the smartphone should be GPS enabled.
  • The passengers are allowed to book normal (non-concessional) journey/return suburban tickets. The journey date will always be current date. No advance ticket booking is allowed.
  • There are two options given to the passenger to book tickets
    a. Normal Booking
    b. Quick Booking - The frequent travel route defined at the time of registration will be displayed along with default class, ticket type, train type, number of passengers.

Booking Platform Ticket

  1. Only paperless PF ticket is allowed through utsonmobile application.
  2. The paperless PF ticket is valid only for 2 hours from the booking time.
  3. Ticket booked cannot be cancelled.
  4. At the time of Ticket Sync, those tickets whose validity period is more than 2 hours will be removed automatically from the application.

Pre-requisites to avail the utsonmobile app service

  • The passenger should have Android /Windows Smartphone.
  • The phone should have minimum GPRS connectivity to use the services.
  • The passenger has to deposit money in advance in their Railway Wallet (R-Wallet).
  • In order to have paperless Journey and Platform tickets, the smart phone should be GPS enabled

Registration process

  • Registration can be done through mobile phone app (Android app, Windows app) or website (https://www.utsonmobile.indianrail.gov.in).
  • The passenger first will get registered by providing his/her mobile number , name, city, default booking train type, class, ticket type, number of passenger, frequently travelling routes and payment option.
  • After successful registration, an SMS will be sent to the user with login-id and password and zero-balance R-Wallet will be created without any additional cost.

Source : Indian Railways

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