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URJA app

This topic provides information related to the URJA app.

The Ministry of Power has launched the mobile application "URJA" (Urban Jyoti Abhiyaan) App. It is a digital initiative to place before the people, the performance of Distribution Utilities (Discoms) in IT enabled towns, with a vision to generate a sense of positive competition amongst the stakeholders and urge all concerned for better performance in all consumer centric parameters.

Features of the app

The Consumer Dashboard of the URJA App provides information on the monthly performance on following parameters of 1405 urban towns:

  • Consumer complaints redressal
  • Release of New service connection
  • Average number of interruptions faced by consumer
  • Average duration of interruptions faced by consumer
  • Number of consumers making e-payments.
  • Energy lost / power theft i.e. AT&C loss

In addition to the above, the app will link the consumers to their respective Discoms’ web-portal, Customer care no. 1912, its implementation status.

Discom Centric information consisting of the progress of various components of Integrated Power Development Scheme is being provided in the IPDS Dashboard viz.

  • Go-live Towns – No. of IT Enabled towns
  • SCADA Progress – Number of Control Centres commissioned
  • Urban System Strengthening – Number of Projects completed
  • NIT Status - Status of NIT issued in Rs. Cr.
  • Feeder Monitoring – Feeder Data on National Power Portal
  • IPDS sanctions – Amount in Rs Crore sanctioned by GoI for IPDS projects

Hpw to access the app

To download the URJA app for Android platforms, click here

How to use the app

The App offers 4 levels in each of the Dashboard - All India, State, Discom and Town.

Select one of the level, enter the desired location e.g.

  • At STATE level – to see data w.r.t. Uttar Pradesh, type few initial letters i.e “ut” then select Uttar Pradesh State
  • At DISCOM level – to see data w.r.t. Purvanchal, type few initial letters i.e “pu” then select the PuVVNL – Purvanchal UP Discom
  • At TOWN level – to see data w.r.t. Varanasi, type few initial letters i.e “va” then select Varanasi town

The various components are shown in the Tiles with each Tile depicting one of the 6 parameters covered in the app. The tiles can be flipped by clicking on corresponding section over wheel on Consumer dashboard to view Rank and Value of the location.

By default the App will show latest month’s data, however previous month’s available data can be seen by selecting the corresponding month.

Data is updated on monthly basis before 10th of every month for the previous month report(Consumer Complaints pending, Avg duration of Power cuts, Avg Number of Power cuts, Pending connections, Consumers making E-Payment). Percentage loss of Power/Theft data is rolling average of last one year.

Source : Urban Jyoti Abhiyaan portal

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