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e-Governance Resources

This section briefs about knowledge resources and institutions working on e-Governance.

Knowledge Resources

  1. Digital India
  2. e-gov App Store, India
  3. Mobile Seva App Store, India
  4. ICT Facts and Figures 2018
  5. ICT Development Index 2017
  6. The Global Information Technology Report 2016
  7. Training Programmes on e-Governance
  8. Measuring the Information Society (ITU Report-2018)
  9. The World e-Parliament Reports
  10. Compendium of ICT application on e-Gov (624KB)
  11. NKC recommendation on e-Governance
  12. United Nations E-Government Survey Reports
  13. World Summit on the Information Society Stocktaking Reports

IT Policies of States and Union Territories

National Information Technology Policy 2012

National Cyber Security Policy-2013

IT Act 2000 (India) (241KB)

IT (Amendment) Act 2008

IT Policy 2014-2020 (Andhra Pradesh)

IT Policy (Andaman & Nicobar Island) (130KB)

IT Policy (Assam)

IT Policy 2011-(Bihar)

IT and ITES Investment Policy of Chhattisgarh

IT & Electronics Policy 2013 (Chandigarh)

IT Investment Policy 2015 (Goa)

IT Policy (Delhi)

IT Policy 2000 (Haryana) (46.6KB)

IT Policy for the State of Gujarat (2014-19)

IT Policy 2004 (Jammu & Kashmir)(34.5)

IT Policy (Himachal Pradesh) (157KB)

IT Policy (Karnataka)

IT Policy (Jharkhand) (86.1KB)

IT Investment Policy 2014 (Madhya Pradesh)

IT Policy 2007 (Kerala) (48.4KB)

IT Policy 2001 (Mizoram) (97.0KB)

IT Policy 2015 (Manipur)

IT Policy 2004 (Meghalaya) (30.5 KB)

IT / ITES Policy 2015 (Maharashtra)

ICT Policy 2015 (Odisha)

IT Policy (Nagaland) (631KB)

IT Policy 2009 (Punjab)

IT Policy-2008 (Puducherry) (251KB)

IT Policy 2006 (Sikkim) (87.6KB)

IT & ITES Policy 2015 (Rajasthan)

IT Policy 2006 (Uttarakhand) (720.0KB)

IT Policy 2004 (Uttar Pradesh) (44.4KB)

IT Policy (Tripura)

IT Policy 2010-2011 (Tamil Nadu) (238KB)

ICT Policy 2012 (West Bengal) (119KB)

Telangana State ICT Policy 2016

Institutions working on e-Governance

  1. Centre for Development of Advanced Computing (C-DAC)
  2. Centre for Good Governance (CGG)
  3. Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY), Government of India
  4. DigitalGovernance.org Initiative
  5. eGovReach - A NASSCOM initiative
  6. Institute for electronic Governance
  7. M-GovWorld
  8. National Institute for Smart Governance
  9. National Informatics Centre
  10. UNPAN

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SANJAY KUMAR Sep 10, 2017 07:38 PM

plz..add UP Online and its all services...thanku

Pramendra Singh Feb 28, 2014 10:10 AM

Existing websites providing the Knowledge Management (KM) services in e-Governance domain can have some more additional parameters:
1) Best practices/ Case Studies (Award winning cases or Global recognized projects in eGov)
2) Document repository (Project Specific Documents)
4) Tools and Templates
6) News and events
7) Closed Spaces/Groups for individual communities like capacity building, eDistrict, eCourts
8) Training & Development

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