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DEEP portal

This topic provides information about DEEP (Discovery of Efficient Electricity Price) e-Bidding & e-Reverse Auction portal for procurement of short term power by DISCOMs.

DEEP (Discovery of Efficient Electricity Price) is a e-Bidding and e-Reverse auction portal for procurement of short term power by DISCOMs. The web portal seeks to ensure seamless flow of power from seller to buyer. The portal is an initiative of the Ministry of Power with the objective to introduce uniformity and transparency in power procurement by the DISCOMs and at the same time promote competition in electricity sector.

Utility of the portal

The portal is meant for the short term procurement of the power. Short term procurement could be for a period of more than one day up to one year. Currently out of total generation of around 91671.33MUs, above 10% (9215.24MUs) is transacted through short term through bilateral and through power exchanges etc. The Guidelines for short term procurement of power was also notified on 30.03.2016 by Ministry of Power, Government of India, making it mandatory for all the Procurer(s) to procure short term power by using this e-Bidding portal. Power Procurement from Power Exchange has been excluded from the scope of these guidelines.

Bidders have the option to bid multiple bids from separate logins either from same or different sources. Bidders also can quote their best prices and need not match or bid lower price against the prevailing lowest Bidder.

All the bidders would be able to participate in the e-Bidding events on making payment of the requisite fees of Rs 500 per MW for the maximum capacity, a bidder is willing to bid, to PFC Consulting Limited (PFCCL). After the completion of the bidding process, only successful Bidders(s) will have to pay these charges for the quantum allocated to each bidder. The balance amount will be refunded by PFCCL within seven (7) working days without any interest. The fee deposited by non Selected Bidder(s) will also be refunded by PFCCL within seven (7) working days of completion of the event without any interest.

The scope of this portal shall be further expanded soon to cover medium term and long term procurement of power. All states are also expected to put their power purchase data on the portal shortly.

Benefits of the portal

  • The e-Reverse auction process for competitive procurement is expected to result in overall reduction of cost of procurement of power thereby significantly benefiting the ultimate consumers.
  • This will also provide a common e-bidding platform with e-Reverse Auction facility, provide nation-wide power procurement to a wider network including the stakeholders in power sector, to bring uniformity in the process of power procurement.
  • The portal builds confidence through transparency and efficiency in the procurement of power.

Source :  www.mstcecommerce.com.

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