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GST Common portal

This topic provides information about GST common portal.

The GST Common Portal has been made available to enable taxpayers enrol with GST and to meet the GST compliance requirement like filing return and making tax payment.

Enrollment in GST common portal

Enrolment under GST means validating the data of existing taxpayers and filling up the remaining key fields by the taxpayer in the Enrolment Application at the GST Common Portal.

Is there a fee or charge levied for the enrolment under GST?

No. There is no fee or charge levied for the enrolment of a taxpayer under GST.

When do I need to enrol with the GST Common Portal?

The enrolment process is common for all taxpayers registered under Centre, State or Union Territory Tax Acts. The State VAT and Central Excise registered taxpayers enrollment has commenced from October, 2016 on the GST Common Portal. Enrolment is being taken up in a staggered manner. Click here for Enrolment Schedule for your state

Which information and documents are required to enrol with GST?

Before enrolling with the GST Common Portal, you must ensure to have the following information:

  • Provisional ID received from State/ Central Authorities
  • Password received from the State/ Central Authorities
  • Valid E-mail Address
  • Valid Mobile Number
  • Bank Account Number
  • Bank IFSC




File Size Format Maximum Allowable Size


Proof of Constitution of Business

  • In case of Partnership firm: Partnership Deed of Partnership Firm (PDF and JPEG format in maximum size of 1 MB)
  • In case of Others: Registration Certificate of the Business Entity

1 MB


Photograph of Promoters/ Partners/ Karta of HUF


100 KB


Proof of Appointment of Authorized Signatory


1 MB


Photograph of Authorized Signatory


100 KB


Opening page of Bank Passbook/ Statement containing Bank Account Number of < Account Number>, Address of Branch,

Address of Account holder and few transaction details


1 MB

For FAQs on enrollment, click here.

Enrolment Activities Post Appointed Date

How can I check the status of my Registration Application on the GST Common Portal?

To check the registration status, users can visit the https://services.gst.gov.in/services/check-registration-status.

Can the Enrolment Application of a taxpayer get rejected?

Yes, the Enrolment Application for enrolment under GST can be rejected in case incorrect details have been furnished or uploaded fake or incorrect documents have been attached with the Enrolment Application and the application is electronically signed. However, the applicant taxpayer will be provided reasonable opportunity of being heard where applicant taxpayer can present his or her viewpoints.

Can amendments be made after the enrolment application is submitted?

Yes, the Enrolment Application can be amended after the appointed date.

Can the mobile number and e-mail address given at the time of enrolment be changed after enrolment?

Yes, the mobile number and e-mail address can be changed after the appointed date on following the amendment process.

When will Provisional Registration Certificate be issued?

The Provisional Registration Certificate will be available for viewing and download at the Dashboard of the GST Common Portal on the appointed date. The certificate will be available only if the Registration Application was submitted successfully.

5. When will Final Registration Certificate be issued?

The final Registration Certificate will be issued within 6 months of verification of documents by authorized Center/ State officials of the concerned Jurisdiction (s) after the appointed date.

Mobile app

GST Enrolment app is an offline utility to enrol an existing State VAT / Central Tax / Service tax payer to new GST regime. The app enables user to fill in all the GST registration migration application form in an offline mode and the app automatically creates the data upload file accordingly. The user has to come online and login to the GST portal through app and submit the data upload file. The dealer / taxpayer will receive an email / SMS intimation upon the successful validation of information submitted by him / her in 15 mins. Once the enrolment application is submitted successfully through the app, s/he has to visit the web GST portal for editing any data or for signing the application form digitally. You can sign your application at any time later as stipulated by law, after filling up and submitting on GST portal.

To install and download the GST Enrolment App Android version from Google Play store, click here.

Source : GST portal

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Anonymous Apr 03, 2018 06:46 PM


TMKMURTHY Feb 08, 2018 08:10 PM

how change the mobile number &mail id for receiving of otp from gst

A.I.CARNEIRO Sep 11, 2017 05:33 PM

How do I cancel my provisional registration by filing FORM GST REG-29 on the Common portal what are the steps to be followed.

balaji Aug 23, 2017 07:45 AM

we are also facing the same problem. but no response from gst portal/help line

Srinivasan Aug 12, 2017 10:26 AM

"access denied "message appears in gst site after log in. not able to make payments or file returns. GST helpline staff calls this message as "technical error".They have not solved this issue so far. (as on 12th Aug 2017) Problem not resolved. Many GST holders are facing this issue Last date for filing GSTR 3B is 20 Aug 2017. What do we do for payment and returns in case this problem persists.

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