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Vikaspedia Products and Services

The topic briefs about various products & services - Online Services, Learning Resources and Multimedia products etc offered as part of Vikaspedia for the benefit of common man.

e-Vyapar: A Multilingual Buyer-Seller Platform

e-Vyapar is a buyer-seller platform which facilitates information exchange between buyers and sellers. It hence serves as a virtual market for user communities to buy/sell their products among a wider audience.

Features of e-Vyapar

  • Web based application
  • Local language support
  • Multiple stakeholders with distinct privileges
  • Advance search option (categories based, region specific, item type specific,language  specific)
  • Trading procedure support, news room feature

Visit http://services.indg.in/vyapar/ for more information about Buyer-Seller Platform.

Ask an Expert

Ask an Expert is a platform that provides expert solutions in selected subjects and queries can be asked in Indian languages and gets expert advice in the selected domain. The “ask an Expert” tool developed by the Centre for Development of Advanced Computing(C-DAC), Hyderabad is one such tool that provides its users, unparalleled knowledge sharing.

Features of Ask an Expert

  • Web based
  • Available in six Indian language
  • Moderate queries and replies
  • Keyboard support for typing in local languages
  • Simple interface for enrolment and authentication of experts

Visit http://services.indg.in/askanexpert/ for more information about Ask an Expert.

e-Learning Courses

Several online courses are being offered through a multilingual e-Learning platform powered by e-Shikshak (a tool developed by C-DAC Hyderabad) for the benefit of the underprivileged and vulnerable groups.

Features of e-Learning Courses

  • Available Courses in 10 Indian languages
  • Course content developed by National level Institutions
  • The courses are offered for semiliterate people in urban, rural and tribal areas through Tele-centers (CSC,VKS,VRC,e-libraries and private internet centers)

Visit http://indg.in/ask-an-expert/ask-an-expert-1 for more information about e-learning courses.

VLE Corner

This platform has been developed especially for Village Level Entrepreneurs (VLEs)  for sharing knowledge among the VLE community. The main objective of this platform is to bring together the VLEs across India to share their experiences and success stories among themselves and others. Besides experience sharing, this platform also provides useful resource materials to enhance the capacities of VLEs at regular intervals.

Visit http://services.indg.in/vlecorner/main.php for more information about VLE corner.

ANUSMARAK (Recaller)

For better management of the financial activities by individuals with the help of ICT, a simple tool ANUSMARAK (RECALLER) has been developed. Recaller is a web based service. It reminds registered users of their major financial activities by email and therefore helps to manage financial activities of people in better way.

Benefits of RECALLER

The web based tool provides the following benefits

  • Get reminder message in advance and fulfill the financial activity in time
  • You can add, edit, delete, disable and enable your financial reminders in easy way
  • Generate the snapshot of your financial activities as a PDF and hence analyse your financial capacity
  • You can create your reminder schedule based on your requirement–one day, one week, four weeks before your due date.
  • The service is offered for free.

Visit http://services.indg.in/recaller/main.php for more information about Recaller.

Multimedia CDs and Multimedia Products

In collaboration with other institutions and stakeholders, some offline products have also been developed and offered as part of Vikaspedia. Comprehensive multilingual and multimedia CDs on Nutrition and Health; Production of commercially important medicinal, aromatic and dye yielding crops; Guidelines for reducing risks in tail end rice cultivation; and Sustainable Agriculture have been developed.

  • Nutrition and Health

This comprehensive multilingual CD has been developed in association with National Institute of Nutrition (NIN), a premier nutrition research institute under Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR). The content in the CD is aligned under four key heads – Know your food; Nutrient requirement and their sources; Food and diseases and; Food safety. This CD will be useful to community health workers, paramedics and medical professionals, students, housewives and all those who are interested in knowing about the food they eat and its role in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Available Languages

  1. English – Hindi
  2. English – Telugu
  3. English – Tamil
  4. English – Marathi
  5. English – Bangla
  6. English – Assamese
  • Production of Commercially Important Medicinal, Aromatic & Dye yielding Crops

This interactive CD covers information on 54 commercially important medicinal, aromatic and dye crops including those prioritised by National Medicinal Plants Board. The CD provides comprehensive information related to production, products and marketing in local languages.

  • Guidelines for reducing risks in tail end rice cultivation

This multimedia CD, developed in association with CCD, Madurai, Tamil Nadu, gives an overview of a four-point strategy addressing the core need of reducing disaster impacts. This evolved over four years of a participatory experiment with farmers in the tsunami-affected Cauvery delta region of Tamil Nadu. The CD also gives a brief overview of helpful methodologies used in implementing these strategies. This multimedia resource can be used as a self-learning tool and also as a training module for field-based development workers, researchers and extension officials.

Available languages:

Tamil – English

  • Sustira Vyavasayam (Sustainable Agriculture)

This product deals with sustainable crop production practices with lots of illustrations and field oriented videos. It is a useful material for the farmers and NGOs. The content is supported by Centre for Sustainable Agriculture and SERP, Hyderabad.

Available language:


Visit http://services.indg.in/for more information about products and services

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