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Registration for CSC RAP Insurance

This topic provides information related to registration process to become a Rural Authorized Person (RAP) for selling Insurance products through APNA CSC Portal.

Rural Authorized Person (RAP) is an individual who has a license to solicit or negotiate an Insurance policy with a client on behalf of the insurance companies. VLEs can now become a Rural Authorized Person (RAP) to be able to sell Insurance products through APNA CSC Portal. To become a RAP VLE has to complete the RAP training modules and pass in RAP exam conducted by NIELIT.

Benefits of becoming a RAP

  • Online hassle free licensing
  • Existing agents of Insurance companies can have RAP license
  • Over the counter policy issuance
  • Access to multiple companies under one portal
  • Instant commission for all products sold
  • VLE’s can sell both Life & General Insurance products.

Steps for VLE to become a licensed RAP

  • Register for RAP through You need copies of address proof, Photo ID proof, copy of PAN card and education proof for upload during the registration process.
  • Pay  fees of Rs 350/- towards Examination & Licensing using Registration number received. Note : From the registration date it takes one week time to get the RAP username and password (after verifying the details updated on RAP portal). If in case VLE is not able to clear/appear for exam, they need to pay the fee for every exam. The Fee needs to be paid using your e-wallet.
  • VLE gets Login ID & password for RAP training from Team Insurance, CSC SPV
  • VLE to Complete Pre-licensing Education, online modules of examinations. Completion Certificate shall be issued after completion of online modules. Training assessment and modules can be accessed using Google Chrome Browser.
  • After completing the modules and assessment VLE to appear for online examination that can be given from their center or home. VLE should have access to internet and web camera.

Key Features of examination

  • Exam link will be active from Monday to Friday (10AM to 4PM) i.e all working days.
  • No waiting for exam date.
  • Exam can be given in Hindi/English

Procedure to Appear for Exam

  • Open the link and click on “Online Insurance Exam”.
  • Enter your cSC ID, Registration number and Captcha code.
  • You will be directed to the exam website.
  • Take your picture using web camera and submit.
  • Show a Photo ID in front of the webcam and click the snapshot of your Photo ID for Authentication and to start your RAP exam.
  • VLE will get the marks scored after submitting the exam.
  • The passing score for each examination is 35 percent. Candidates who pass the examination will receive a score report that reads “pass” and no numeric score will be reported. Candidates who fail the examination will receive a score report that reads “fail” and no numeric score will be reported.

From the exam pass date, it takes 10-15 days for service to be activated on VLE portal. The iris devise and hard copy of license is either sent to state coordinator or by other means. VLE should send all the below documents to CSC.

  1. Acceptance Letter (Signed)
  2. RAP Terms & Conditions (Signed)
  3. RAP License (Signed)
  4. Signed copy of
    • ID Proof
    • Address Proof
    • PAN Card
    • Educational Proof
    • Copy of Proof of Surrender of License (If Holding Existing License)
  5. 1 Passport Size Colored Photograph

For queries, Call – 180030003468 , email – insurance@csc.gov.in

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ANBARASU Oct 11, 2019 06:46 AM

Once failed how to re atempt the rap exam

saravanan Sep 11, 2019 06:08 PM

when i try to register RAP exam i get massage STATE MISMATCH, that error will be show in display, kindly solve that problem

vishal kumar Dec 17, 2018 05:33 PM

sir what is the payment of rap portal for exam .

Mastika Singh Nov 24, 2018 03:49 AM

Dear sir, I was happy being RAP Certified. But it is not possible to work for me as you are cheating us with low commissions. you are paying just a same little amount instead of percentage of the total premium. So I decided to tie up my business of high amount premium with my brother, simply I will hand over the cases with larger amount , he will pay me 50 % from his commission, which will be so many times larger then whatever you are paying. After 3 years, I am not going to renew my license with any 1000 rs.

Aditya Pandey Nov 04, 2018 02:54 PM

Dear Sir,

I got a score card, after finish the RAP Exam. I have got 50 marks with 50% marks.Is am passed in this exam or not.

Kindly tell me on my email id- *******@gmail.com

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