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The topic briefs about the e-Governance initiatives that will benefit common man in Assam.

Electoral Rolls

Available services
  • Search your name in online available electoral rolls
  • Electoral rolls are available in PDF format and in Assamese language
  • Electoral roll can be seen as district and constituencies wise

Visit http://ceoassam.nic.in/ for more information about Electoral Rolls

Public Utility Forms

Available services
  • Department wise application forms for various citizen services
  • Application forms are available in PDF format and easily downloadable
Visit http://edistrict.assamgov.in/edistrict/Download.phpfor more information about Public services.

BPL List

Available services

  • List of Below Poverty Line (BPL) people
  • List can be seen as district wise/block wise
  • BPL list are available online in PDF format

Visit http://pnrdassam.nic.in/bpldist.htm for more information about BPL list

Passport Computerization System

Available services
  • Generates receipts on filing of application
  • Handles cases of renewal, loss and damage of passports
  • Gives the processing status of passport  application
  • Prints the passports for the Guwahati Passports Office which covers all the 7 states of the Northeast.

Visit http://passportindia.gov.in/AppOnlineProject/online/fetchRpoDetails?rpoName=Guwahati for more information about Passport Computerization system

National Register of Citizenship (NRC)

Available services
  • Creates databases to store all the information contained in the manual National Registers of Citizenship (NRCs) in the original language itself.
  • The software generates different types of reports.

Visit http://online.assam.gov./ for more information about Online Services

Prithvi Geographical Information System (GIS)

Available services
  • All district boundaries of Assam have been digitized under this system.
  • Block boundaries of 12 districts, village boundaries of three districts and ward maps of Guwahati have also been digitized.
  • Prithvi has become an exemplary Web GIS Server facility for sustainable planning even at the cadastral level.
  • Sonitpur district became the first district to adopt Cadastral Mapping at the Circle level.
  • Thematic maps based on various GIS layers such as rail, road, river, forest, drainage, water bodies etc. are generated as per requirement.

Visit http://gis.nic.in/ for more information about Prithvi Geographical Information System (GIS)

e-Udyog Ratna

Available services
  • Udyog Ratna is an effective and efficient tool for monitoring the performance of the District Industries Centres (DICs).
  • It is a web-based online system which helps the General Managers of DICs to enter monthly progress reports of different schemes such as the 20-Point Programme, Prime Minister Rojgar Yojana-PMRY, Industrial Policy, Expenditure Statement etc.
  • The data entered is made available to the Directors of Industries and the GMs of the DICs for use in planning.

Visit http://www.diccassam.com/ for more information about e-Udyog

VIDHAN Magistracy Case Management System

Available services
  • Automates the process of taking-up magistracy cases by the magistracy branch of district magistrates office
  • Facilitates online query of case-status and generation of various reports

Visit http://ghconline.nic.in/ for more information High Court Online Services

JANA-SEWA Computerized Public Services Facilitation Counter System

Available services
  • It incorporates features for recording petitions receipt for various citizen services
  • Provides transparent and hassle free services to citizens on: Caste Certificate, PRC, Legal Heir Certificate, Bakijai Clearance Certificate, Passport, Senior Citizen Certificate, Registration/Renewal of Club/NGO, Delayed Birth/Death Certificate, Ex-gratia Grant, Arms License, Licenses of Touring Cinema, Certified Copy of Court’s Order, Certified Copy of Electoral Roll, License for Stamp Vendor, License for Pleader’s Clerk, Issue of NOC for Explosive License, Disposal of Petitions for release of Gun from Police Station, Permission of Special events etc.

PARISHODH Computerized Bakijai (Loan Repayment) System

Available services
  • Facilitates efficient registration, quick query solution and timely generation of reports
  • Generate monthly loan repayment collection statement and monthly registration of new cases

NATHI-AWASTHITI Computerized File Monitoring System

Available services
  • It is a G2G (Government to Government) application,
  • Facilitates officials to monitor the movement of files in the Deputy Commissioner’s office and to review the status of each and every file.

ANUSHRAWAN Computerized Circle Office to DC Office Monthly Reporting System

The system facilitates quick and efficient generation and submission of the monthly reports (mostly related land records and revenue) from the circle office to deputy commissioner’s office.   Monthly reports generated by this system are:
  • Progress and disposal of mutation cases
  • Progress of updating of land records
  • Rajah Adalat
  • Statements of NR/conversion/eviction cases

MANAB-SAMPAD Computerized Personnel Information Management System

The system facilitates the ‘Human Resources’ Department of the District administration by providing:
  • Department wise up-to-date maintenance system
  • Querying system and reporting system

GRIHA-LAKSHMI Computerized Public Distribution System (PDS)

Available services
  • Facilitates efficient maintenance of information on various essential public commodities like: food grains, sugar, petroleum products, and other notified items
  • Generates various reports which help in decision making i.e. Ration Card details, Fair Price Shops details, Oil Depot details etc.

BATON Computerized Payroll System

Available services
  • It is a payroll system that works for providing salaries on time and without any hassles.
  • Timely generation of reports relating to payroll system of an establishment/ organisation
  • like - Annual Pay Statement, Annual Consolidated report, Pay statement of previous month, Income Tax Report, Last Pay Certificate (LPC) etc.

ABHIYOG Computerized Public Grievance System

Available services
  • Enables citizens to lodge their grievances from any Internet cafe, Community Information Centre etc.
  • Enables viewing the online status of their complaint at any point of time

GRAMUNNAYAN Computerized DRDA Schemes Monitoring System

Available services
  • Monitors administration in different District Rural Development Agencies (DRDAs) of Assam.

DAK Mail Management Application

Available services
  • The software enables entry of details of dak (post) received as well as post issued by any office of the District Administration
  • Monitors action taken on the post/dak on a weekly/fortnightly/monthly basis.
  • Enables dak/post related online query handling
  • Generates reports on dak/post issued on a particular date.
  • Enables forwarding the dak/post to the relevant officer/department.

Online tender information

Available services

This website provides latest tender notice of Government of Assam in English. The user can access that information at: http://www.assamgovt.nic.in/tender.asp


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md adil May 16, 2016 10:28 PM

Computerized Land Records System at http://lrc.assam.nic.in is not accessible for public viewing. Is this a malfunction or it is just meant to be inaccessible? Why is the link given if not open for public viewing?

kindly enable it otherwise i comlaint it to cyber cell .it s a public issue.

N. Baruah Dec 10, 2015 11:31 AM

Computerized Land Records System at http://lrc.assam.nic.in is not accessible for public viewing. Is this a malfunction or it is just meant to be inaccessible? Why is the link given if not open for public viewing?

a banerjee Feb 16, 2015 10:12 PM

Computerised Land Records System at http://lrc.assam.nic.in for public viewing is not available for viewing -- the site cannot be accessed . please help.

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