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The topic briefs about the e-Governance initiatives that will benefit common man in Chandigarh.

e-Jan Sampark

e-Jan Sampark project will enable residents to access information and avail of services from 70 e-Jan Sampark kiosks, which are to be set up in each sector and each village of Chandigarh, with ease and without any harassment. These Centers will also enable the citizen to submit their grievances at a common service centre and their quick redressal thereafter.

e-Jan Sampark project targets that the benefits of ICT should reach the masses, especially those who are without IT connectivity by providing easy dissemination of Information Services to a citizen and to deliver useful non transactional services (like registration of grievances) and applications seeking information under RTI for all departments at a easily accessible common place.

The type of services provided includes:

  • All Procedures and Forms for all departments, which are frequently used by a citizen e.g How to apply for a birth/death certificate including procedure for late entry, how to lodge a FIR, various forms and procedures concerning public offices such as RLA, Estate Office, DC Office, Municipal Corporation, Engineering Wing etc.
  • Education and Health related information services e.g daily updated information regarding availability of blood in Blood Bank of Govt Medical Hospital, Exam Results, Information about availability of educational and health related facilities in each sector etc
  • Transport and Tourism related inquiries e.g Bus Routes, information relating to tourism activities etc Inquiries related to status of Passport; Railway booking status, Train timings etc
  • Providing access to all Government websites Other information like utility services available in each sector etc
  • These services are provided free of cost except when the citizen needs a print out, the same is available at a nominal cost
  • The citizens can submit their grievances relating to any department and Applications under the RTI Act at these Centres

Visit http://www.chandigarh.gov.in/egov_jsmpk.htm for more information about e-Jan Sampark.


Project e-Sampark is a Department of Electronics and Information Technology initiative for the development, integration and maintenance of web-portal for various departments of the Administration for providing 'One-stop-shop' for 16 G2C services through 8 e-Sampark Centres. Project e-Sampark was initiated to bring together the services of all the departments under one single umbrella and give citizens of Chandigarh a “multi-service” - “single-window” experience apart from eradicating the undue harassment met by the citizens due to lack of transparency.

Vision and Objectives:

  • Provide a hassle free, one-stop solution to the citizen
  • Minimize multiple interaction points for the citizen and hence reducing the wastage of their valuable time
  • Provide better turnaround time in receipt, processing and issue of services
  • Transparency in delivery of services

With this initiative the Administration was successful in providing a one stop solution at the e-Sampark Centres as various services, which were earlier available at independent places and sometimes resulted in duplication of work, are being delivered at these centres. The processing time has been minimised, as the efficiency of the service delivery system has been optimized by making it IT enabled thereby regarding eradicating the long queues and waiting hours for the public.

Benefits Accrued

  • One stop solution to citizen for multiple tasks, resulting in eradication of frustration of the common man in dealing with many functionaries.
  • Reduction of wastage of time of a citizen as multiple tasks is being performed at these Centres.
  • Citizen Centric Centres having state of the art facilities, apart from central location
  • 8 am to 8 pm service on all days except Sundays
  • Better turn around in receipt, processing and issue of services
  • Transparency in delivery of services
  • Easy maintenance of MIS leading to quick reconciliation of Treasury collections.

Visit http://www.chandigarh.gov.in/egov_esmpk.htm for more information about e-Sampark.

Gram Sampark - Rural Knowledge Centre

Continuing its commitment to bridge the digital divide, especially amongst the rural population, 17 e-Gram Sampark have been planned across all the villages of Union Territory of Chandigarh. The citizens will be able to use all the 15 G2C services, which are presently available to these Sampark Centres situated in the urban areas. Since these Centres would be providing the rural citizens an opportunity to have an access to the huge amount of information, using broadband connectivity, these Centres will emerge as Rural Knowledge Centres for the rural population, especially the disadvantaged. Information services in these Centres would be provided free of cost, on the lines of Jan Sampark Services. These Centres would also help the rural citizens in registering their grievances, apart from helping them fill their applications under RTI.

With the help of Department of Rural Development, 17 locations have been identified for setting up of these Centres. These include, Panchayat buildings lying unused and the Gram Sampark Centres will be set up after reconditioning these buildings. These Centres will also have safe drinking water facility, clean toilets, etc., as are available at the Sampark Centres and Jan Sampark Centres in the urban areas. Palsora, Maloya, Dadu Majra, Kajheri, Kishangarh, Mauli Jagran, Daria, Makhan Majra / Raipur Kalan, Raipur Khurd, Behlana, Hallo Majra, Khuda Jassu, Khuda Lahora, Khuda Alisher, Sarangpur, Kaimbwala & Dhanas villages would be covered under this initiative.

Visit http://www.chandigarh.gov.in/egov_gsmpk.htmfor more information about Gram Sampark.


This initiative enables the citizens to access information on a whole range of e-Sampark services from their mobile phones by simply sending an SMS. To avail the m-Sampark services, all that a citizen required to do is to SMS "SMENU" to 8888. A menu of services available will be sent back to him via an SMS, from where he/she can get the required information. The basic idea behind launching the m- Sampark service was to ensure that the citizen can get information about e-Sampark services from all possible information access mechanisms. With the wide reach of mobile phones, it is really convenient for the citizens to know of the different services through their cellular phones in absence of Internet connectivity.

Presently the services provided through m-Sampark are:
  • SBILL - Get the Electricity / Water bill details on SMS.
  • SLOC - Get the address of the Sampark Centres across the city
  • SSERV- Get a list of the services provided by Sampark Centres
  • SDOC -Get a list of all the documents accepted for age proof and residetial proof.

Visit http://www.chandigarh.gov.in/egov_msmpk.htmfor more information about m-Sampark


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