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The topic briefs about the e-Governance initiatives that will benefit common man in Haryana.

Online Land Records - Bhu Lekh/Jamabandi

Available services
  • Copy of Jamabandi and collector rate.
  • Property registration: Details of registered deeds.

Online Examination Result

Available services
  • Result of class 10th, 12th, middle school and a university examination

Online Admission Notice

Available services
  • Admission notice from university/technical institutions for various courses

Online Judicial services

Available services
  • Daily cause list and judgment of Punjab and Haryana High Court

Public Utility Forms and Procedures

Available services
  • Department wise application form for various citizen services
  • All application forms are in PDF format and easily downloadable
  • Procedure to apply for specific services

Online Citizen’s charters

Available services
  • Citizen charters issued by various Departments/Boards and Corporations of Haryana Government
  • Citizen charters are available in English

Online Collector Rate

Available services
  • District/Tehsil/Village wise collector rate of lands
  • Rates are available in Hindi

Department of Employment

Available services
  • Online registration and resume posting for job notice
  • Employer can also post their vacancy

Government Notification

Available services
  • Government notification of various department of Government of Haryana
  • Notifications are in PDF format and in English language
  • Notification can be seen by either department wise or date wise

Online Web Directory

Available services
  • Web directory of Haryana Government departments, educational and research institutions and districts of Haryana

Transport Services

Available services
  • Process and fee structures for driving license, permit and vehicle registration
  • Application form for various transport related services


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