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Jammu & Kashmir

The topic briefs about the e-Governance initiatives that will benefit common man in Jammu & Kashmir.

Community Information Center - CIC

The government of India has initiated the ‘Community Information Centre-CIC’ project under its scheme for “setting up of the state of the art computer communications infrastructure”, in the state of Jammu and Kashmir. CIC is a PC based citizen kiosk with content enabling citizen centric services, e-governance, e- learning and e-commerce. The state has 1 CIC in every 134 blocks, with access to the following information and services:

  • agriculture marketing
  • disaster managementemployment opportunities
  • public health
  • Socio-Economic databases
  • Computer Training Programmes
  • Citizen Centric Services
  • Tender Notifications
  • E-employment Notifications
  • Electronic Delivery of Newspaper at Remote Locations
  • Grievances Redressal etc

Visit http://jammu.nic.in/departments/nicandit/cic.for more information about the Community Information Centers.

Online Employment Exchange Information

Available services

  • Registration of applicants seeking job
  • Employment Market Information data
  • Vocational Guidance and Employment counseling
  • Sponsoring candidates to different private sector
  • Special Recruitment Drives in Defence forces
  • Information on Self-Employment Scheme
  • Coaching/ guidance for competitive examinations
  • Registration with employment Exchange

Visit http://jakemp.nic.in for more information about Online Employment Exchange.

Online Motor Vehicle Information

Available Services

  • Application forms
  • Tax assessment
  • Registration search
  • License application status
  • Distance chart
  • List of driving school

Visit http://jaktrans.nic.in for more information about Online Motor Vehicle Information.

Information related to the Forms and Procedures

Information related to the public schemes / services provided by the departments of J&K can be accessed:

  • Consumer affairs & public distribution, Employment, Social welfare, Transport
  • One can choose any of these departments and access the procedure to avail their services and can download requisite forms and checklists

Visit http://jakschemes.nic.in for more information about Forms and Procedures.


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