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The topic briefs about the e-Governance initiatives that will benefit common man in Maharashtra.

Rojgar Wahini

A web portal -‎ Rojgar Wahini has been developed for the Department of Employment and Self-Employment (DE & SE), Government of Maharashtra. DE & SE provides free services like vocational guidance, job opportunities and self-employment guidance to the job seekers. It also collects, compiles and provides the statistical information to the planning commission and other planning bodies to be used for manpower planning.

The portal design has six major sub-sites, Candidates’ Corner, Employers’ Corner, Self-Employment, About Us, Right to Information (RTI) and Kamgar Katta. It is a single point of contact for the services provided by the Department.

The Candidates’ Corner provides registration and update facilities to the job advertisements, Departmental contact details, advice on possible jobs and occupations, special information for disabled persons. Candidates/registered youth can access references relevant to job seeking, like coaching classes for competitive Examinations, Books, Publications, Newspapers, TV & Radio programmes.

The Self-Employment sub-site covers the Self-Employment guidance activities of the Department of E & SE, providing information, guidance and advice to the unemployed youth regarding self-employment schemes, small-scale businesses they can take up and training details. The portal provides a comprehensive source of information covering all applicable schemes, businesses with their processes and details of documents, NOCs, agencies involved with complete contact details. The Bankers’ Corner gives advice on loans and related processes. Details of NGOs working for Self-Employment; details of Seva Societies registered with the Department are also available.

Kamgar Katta sub site is similar to commercial job sites where workers like nurse, domestic helpers, drivers, and data entry operators can post their profiles and search for job providers. Job providers can post their requirements, e.g. requirement of a gardener, domestic helper, nurse, watchman etc and contact the job seekers. The data of service providers and seekers can be searched on the basis of location and skill set.

Visit https://www.maharojgar.gov.in‎ for more information about Employment Exchange.

SARITA - Stamps & Registration Information Technology based Administration

SARITA is a G2C project with an aim to design, develop, and implement a computerized application for Registration of documents received at each Sub-Registrar Office and provide data updation on timely basis to their respective Joint District Registrars and higher offices under the purview of Department of Registration, Pune, and Maharashtra State. The project runs on PPP model and covers entire state of Maharashtra. 360 Sub Registrar Offices, 31 District offices, 9 Divisional offices and 1 Head Quarter in Pune have been computerised and automated.

Approximately 8 million people are direct beneficiaries of SARITA annually which has seen innovative application of the Public- Private partnership in betterment of quality of service given to millions.

Services Offered:

  • Registration of 67 different types of documents as mandated by the Government.
  • Comprehensive software simultaneously deployed at 360 sites networked.
  • Document is registered with all relevant parameters and delivered in less than 30 minutes assured to the public.
  • Error free registration with on-line monitoring and document encryption with photograph and thumb impression of seller, buyer, and consenter.
  • Product in a shrink-wrapped form for easy replication and administration at sites.
  • Registration-valuation, scan-archive, network and process monitoring modules integration.
  • User interface in Marathi.


For Government:

Helped in increasing document registration from average 16 to 40 per day and consequent 10-15% increase in revenue without any capital investment

For Industry:

Build - Operate - Transfer (BOT) mechanism permitted eight private industries to participate in investing and running operations at IGR sites using their computing infrastructure on a cost-sharing basis

For Public:

Drastically reduce time for registration from several days/week to an assured 30 minutes with penalties for delay and reduce subjectivity on part of Government officials and reduce hassles in a conventional registration


Visit http://igrmaharashtra.gov.in/IGRInfo.aspx for more information about SARITA.

SETU - Integrated Citizen Facilitation Centres

SETU has started with aim to provide greater transparency, accessibility and efficiency to government procedures. Indirect employment generation is also another goal. SETU or the Citizen facilitation Centres act as a one-stop service centre for people who have to visit government offices for certificates, permits, authentication, affidavits and other services. Setu Society manages Setu centers.

Objectives of SETU

With a view to take the benefits of Information Technology to the common man, and as a part of its e-Governance initiative, the Government of Maharashtra had embarked on a unique project that seeks to redefine public service – SETU – which in Marathi language means a Bridge, a bridge between the people and the Government! SETU is focused on the common man and it is citizen centric. The objective is to provide to the citizens of the State more and more services and information of the departments and agencies of the State and Central Governments in an efficient, reliable, transparent and integrated manner on a sustained basis.

Visit http://it.maharashtra.gov.in/1048/SETU for more information about SETU.

Kalyan-Dombivali Municipal Corporation (KDMC)-Citizen Facilitation Centers (CFC)

KDMC, a G2C project, has an aim to create an e-Governed Municipal Corporation of 21st Century and develop a system to drive Municipal Corporation with the highest levels of Transparency, Accountability and Citizen Servicing Standards.

Project Objectives:

  • Provide a centralized interface for all citizen-related transactions
  • Introduce transparency and accountability for all government functions
  • Provide a decision support system for top management
  • Improve efficiency and productivity in providing citizen services

Visit http://www.kdmc.gov.in/kdmc for more information about KDMC.


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