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The topic briefs about the e-Governance initiatives that will benefit common man in Rajasthan.


Available services
  • Payment facility of different utility bills i.e. water, mobile, telephone, electricity etc.
  • Application forms for various citizen services
  • Redressal of grievance related to different state government departments

Raj stamps

Available services
  • Online DLC Status and DLC rates
  • Online calculation of stamp duty
  • Registration and stamp department related application form for various services
  • Fee details for different kinds of document
  • Online submission of grievance/complaint application
  • Citizen charter in Hindi
  • Registration and stamp department

Send your queries to Chief Minister

Available services
  • Send your queries online to Chief Minister and get back his/her response

Emergency Services

Available services
  • District wise information on available emergency services
  • Information available on ambulance, fire, electricity, hospitals, police, railway, water etc.

Online BPL List

Available services

  • For urban and rural area, separate list available for BPL (Below Poverty Line) people
  • Name can be seen by village/ward wise

Online Citizen Charter

Available services
  • Department wise citizen charters in Hindi
  • Charters are in PDF format and easily downloadable and readable

Acts and Policies

Available services
  • State policy on various issues
  • All act and policies are in PDF format and easily downloadable

Transport Services

Available services
  • Information on vehicle registration
  • Information on process to get learner license, permanent driving license, permit etc.
  • Fee details for all transport department related services Citizen charters and road sign for safe driving

Rajasthan Police

Available services
  • Status of police verification for Passport Application and Arm License Application
  • Status of application can be seen by district-wise

Online Electoral Rolls

Available services
  • Online district wise electoral rolls
  • Name can be seen in the electoral rolls by EPIC number or by voters name

Common Service Centre Scheme

Available services
  • Common Service Centre related request for proposal (RFP)
  • Location details of Common Service Centers (CSCs)

Web Directory

Available services
  • Website directory of all important government institutions
  • Directory categorized under state government departments, Rajasthan based state and central government institutions, districts of Rajasthan etc

Government Tenders

Available services
  • Information on department wise tender and Request For Proposal (RFP)
  • All tenders are in PDF format and are easily downloadable



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