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The topic briefs about the e-Governance initiatives that will benefit common man in Uttarakhand.

Online Application forms

Available services:
  • Department wise public utility forms
  • Government orders
  • Government tenders

Visit http://sugamsewa.uk.gov.in/bCatDownloads.aspxfor more information about online application form

Online Employment service

Available services:
  • Job Assistance Services
  • Vocational Guidance Services
  • Self-Employment Services & Solutions

Visit http://rojgar.uk.gov.in/ to know more information about the service.

Online Government Notification

Available services:
  • Government notification in Hindi/ English

Visit http://go.uk.gov.in/ to know more about the service.

Dev bhoomi - Uttarakhand Land Records

Uttarakhand government has launched Citizen Centric Land Records Website of Uttarakhand – “Dev-bhoomi” on 9th Nov, 2006 with the objective of making available the entire Land Records Data of all the districts in the state on Internet. With the launch of this website, citizens and mostly farmers from all across the state can view the details of their Khataunies anytime, anywhere on Internet.

The website and the data available on it are in Hindi and searching of Khataunies is made as simple as possible. One can search either by Owner’s name or by Plot/Khata numbers after selecting the concerned village in the Tehsil from the District.

Process to get an Authorized copy of Khatauni or Record of Right (ROR) or Land Record Details:

The Land Records Details available on "Dev-bhoomi" site is for viewing only. For obtaining an authorized signed copy of RoR, one has to visit the "Tehsil Land Records Computer Centre" in the concerned Tehsil of that village.

What is the Fee prescribed by Government for obtaining RoR? The fees prescribed by Government for obtaining RoR is quite nominal and are as under:

  • Rs 15/- for first page of ROR
  • Rs 5/- per subsequent pages of ROR

Visit http://devbhoomi.uk.gov.in/for more information.

Online Content Creation / IT Enabled Course Curriculum

This project is about utilising the available technology for creating audio-visual and interactivity based course curriculum as an effective edge to teaching as well as up gradation of teachers among population in the rural/urban areas of Uttarakhand State in India (the Project Area).

Use of multimedia in enhancing the learning process with school students is a universal knowledge in present era of IT. The core concept is to make such a multimedia content available to all schools within the state for day-to-day learning.

For more information, visit http://www.itda.uk.gov.in/pages/display/54-e-class

School Education Portal

The School Education portal offers information about schools, teachers, schemes and recent circulars. For more informtion, visit http://www.educationportal.uk.gov.in/Default.aspx .


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