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National Repository of Information for Women

This topic provides information about National Repository of Information for Women (NARI portal).

National Repository of Information for Women - NARI portal is an initiative of the Ministry of Women and Child Developmment to provide women citizens with easy access to information on government schemes and initiatives for women.

Information available

In order to make information related to women empowerment more easily accessible in one place, the NARI portal provides the following

  • Summary of government schemes related to women
  • Links to the Ministries, Departments and autonomous bodies offering women related schemes
  • Easy access to online applications and grievance redressal
  • Information relate to issues affecting lives of women
  • Tips on good nutrition, suggestions for health check ups, information on major diseases, etc
  • Tips for job search and interview, investment and savings advice,
  • Information on crimes and against women and reporting procedures, contacts of legal aid cells, simplified adoption procedures, etc.

The portal endows women with the power of information to build their life skills and facilitates them in taking full advantage of the services provided by the Government for them.

How to access

The NARI portal can be accessed at http://www.nari.nic.in/.

Access to the portal is available for all and no registration is required.

Source : Ministry of Women and Child Development

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