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Digital Literacy

This section covers topics to enhance your IT literacy and usage of local langauges

Computer Basics for Beginners
These modules are designed and developed by CDAC and other organisations.In this modules you will understand basic knowledge on computers
Online Dictionaries
This topic provides links to various online dictionaries available in Indian languages.
FAQ on computer Usage
Answers your 'What" on computers....
Basic Hardware Troubleshooting
Basic Hardware Troubleshooting provides the basic information related to understanding the hardware components and their maintenance, procedures for troubleshooting, understanding the virus and anti-virus, tips for safe browsing etc.
IT as an Entrepreneurship service
Arts and commerce students, specially girls or house wifes can also become an IT service provider using Internet. This article provide some ways to become self relient even without having computer engineering knowledge.
Multimedia and Animation
This topic provides information and knowledge about the multimedia and animation
IT Literacy Course of MSUP
This folder contains the course material on IT Literacy provided by MSUP (Microsoft Unlimited Potential) for students and Instructors.
Information security
This section coves about tips, tools and techniques for information security.
IT Literacy Course on OpenOffice
Tools for Indian Languages
This folder explains about various tools used for typing & conversion of Indian Languages
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