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Cyber Dost

Cyber Dost is an initiative of the Ministry of Home Affairs for spreading awareness about cybercrimes.


With an ever increasing usage of smartphones across the globe, involving mass participation of people on cyberspace, has welcomed several threats affecting the lives of individuals. Cybercrimes are considered to be the biggest threat and the means to mitigate them is quite a challenging task. We know that "Prevention is better than cure"; hence a proper cyber education and preventive measures could be the best possible way to prevent it.

Cyber Crime Prevention against Women and Children Scheme

The "Cyber Crime Prevention against Women and Children (CCPWC)" Scheme is being implemented by the Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India in order to check ever growing menace of cybercrime particularly against women and children. Raising awareness on prevention of cybercrimes is a major component of the scheme. For raising awareness, social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook, print media and other communication channels are being used. CyberDost has been selected as the brand name for use in all the communication and awareness material across different communication platforms.

Awareness through Cyber Dost

Twitter Handle - "@CyberDost"

To sensitize millions of social media users having their accounts on Twitter on prevention and protection against cybercrimes,  a Twitter handle "@CyberDost” has been created. Pertinent posts are being placed regularly.  The information which is being shared on the handle will enhance basic knowledge of the followers about the cyber-crimes and precautionary measures to be taken to prevent such crime. The general public can also make use of the twitter handle @CyberDost to register complaints about cyber-crimes.

Link to twitter handle: https://twitter.com/CyberDost

Handbook for Adolescents/Students on Cyber Safety

A handbook for children above age 13 years has been produced as part of Cyber Dost. The handbook provides an overview of various cyber threats that can impact children and also discusses safeguards that can help in preventing the cybercrimes.

To access the handbook, click here.

Cyber security tips from “Cyber Dost”

Some of the cyber security tips from Cyber Dost for internet users to protect against cybercrimes and threats are as follows.

  • Cyber criminals often create fake social media profile to befriend potential victims & obtain their confidential or personal data. Be careful of online friend requests you accept. Never trust online friends unless you know & can trust them in real life.
  • Stronger the password more secure is your data! Make the passwords stronger by combining letters, numbers and special characters. Always prefer separate ID/password combinations for different accounts
  • Always use genuine software and applications to avoid potential security lapses. Genuine software gets regular updates to protect your data from new cyber threats.
  • Protect your identity online by restricting personal information that you share and securing your accounts with strong passwords.
  • Be cautious and think before you post your personal images on social media. Remember the content may be stored forever!
  • Do not share your personal identifiable information to log-in to online games or chat rooms. Use nickname or alias name to log-in to online games or chat room.
  • Never download or install pirated software, applications etc. on your computer, laptops or hand-held devices. It is not only illegal but also increases your vulnerability to potential cyber threats.
  • Do not let your kids be part of any chat group where you do not know the Administrator or purpose of the group seems shady.
  • Beware of lottery frauds! Remember you can never win a lottery if you have not participated in it. Scammers try to entice you by sending email or SMS stating that you were randomly selected as a winner. Ignore such e-mails/ SMSs.
  • Visit Cybercrime Reporting Portal : https://cybercrime.gov.in/cybercitizen/home.htm# to report cyber crimes.
Source : Ministry of Home Affairs
Deepak Raj Singh Jan 25, 2020 02:28 PM

Nowdays Cyber Crime is increasing regularly , so every citizen of the country should be aware of this and keep the information related to this. For this, an awareness campaign should be conducted by the Government or any Organisation so that more and more citizens know how to safe from Cyber Crime.

Vikram itagi Jun 20, 2019 11:26 PM

Essential to know technology and law practice. Govt aware information. Home Depot watch eye. Tight administration.
It is best

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