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IT as an Entrepreneurship service

Arts and commerce students, specially girls or house wifes can also become an IT service provider using Internet. This article provide some ways to become self relient even without having computer engineering knowledge.

If you are arts student and know English well , there is a huge opportunity for you to earn money by providing online documentation services.

There are many projects available on the internet. There are freelancing websites offering work to type a scanned page having English content and provide it as a soft copy /word document. Usually payment is made on per page basis.  There are thousands of books in the world which are not available in digital format. Hence there is lot of such jobs available to convert such books into digital format.

All you need is good English, typing skills , internet connection and a computer. This type of job is specially good for housewives of a low income family. You can contribute to family income. If you work hard and earn trust of client, you may scale your business and provide employment to many others.

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vimal kumar prajapati Aug 13, 2014 06:06 PM

please provide me such as above opportunity for home based typing work

ph. 70*******51

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