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IT Literacy Course of MSUP

This folder contains the course material on IT Literacy provided by MSUP (Microsoft Unlimited Potential) for students and Instructors.

Computer Fundamentals
The topic contains information regarding the fundamentals of computers.
Digital Media Fundamentals
This topic covers the digital media fundamentals
Internet Concepts
This section contains information about Internet and World Wide Web Fundamentals teaches how to explore the Web, use search engines, work with electronic mail (e-mail), and create Web pages with Microsoft FrontPage®.
Web Design Fundamentals
This page contains Web Design Fundamentals, the complete process of Web page design, the basics of HTML, strategies for designing and building a complete website.
Word Processing Fundamentals
This section contains the basics of word, editing, formatting text, working with tables and graphics etc.
Presentation Fundamentals
This section covers creating basic slide shows to adding graphics, video, and audio for rich multimedia presentations.
Database Fundamentals
This section introduces the basics of using a relational database to create tables, forms and reports.
Spreadsheet Fundamentals
This section contains the Spreadsheet Fundamentals, the basics of spreadsheet concepts, creating worksheets, editing data, building charts and publishing a spreadsheet.
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