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Online Dictionaries

This topic provides links to various online dictionaries available in Indian languages.

Assamese Online Dictionary

  1. Xobdo - Assamese

Bengali Online Dictionaries

  1. English - Bengali
  2. English - Bangla - English

English to English Online Dictionaries

  1. Cambridge English Dictionary
  2. Free Dictionary with Voice
  3. Your Dictionary

Gujarati Online Dictionaries

  1. Gujarati lexicon
  2. Gujarati - English
  3. Tamilcube

Hindi Online Dictionaries

  1. Hindi to English
  2. English to Hindi

Kannada Online Dictionaries

  1. Kannada to English
  2. Tamilcube
  3. Kannadakasturi

Malayalam Online Dictionaries

  1. Chaganti
  2. Malayalam to English
  3. Tamilcube

Marathi Online Dictionaries

  1. Marathi to English

Tamil Online Dictionaries

  1. Tamil to English to Tamil

Telugu Online Dictionaries

  1. English to Telugu

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Anwar Ahmad Oct 04, 2018 11:06 AM

There should be a Urdu dictionary as well; because a large number of people are speaking and using it in their daily late.

Bijayalaxmi Jul 08, 2015 08:35 PM

Why a not Odia online dictionary?

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