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Childrens corner

This section has a range of topics that would cater to a child's interest.

Science Section
Children science section teaches children in an interactive, easy, visual way to help them in learn science about scientific phenomena, encourages creative thinking and active participation in learning process
Important Dates in Indian History
History offers a lot of information about how people and societies behave and it provides opportunity to learn from examples of the past. One writer has said, ‘those who cannot remember history are condemned to repeat it’. This is true of more true about our Indian History.
National Symbols
This section talks about the National Identity Elements of India.
National & State level Scholarships and Awards for students
The topic provides information on various National & State level Scholarships and Awards for students by the Government of India through its Ministries, Departments and autonomous institutions and by the state governments.
New Official 7 Wonders of the World
The topic briefs about the new Official Seven Wonders of the World.
National Olympiads
This topic provides information about national olympiads in India.
Admission to Various Institutions in India
Educational institutions adopt different admission procedures for students in different classes. Since these procedures changes from time to time, it is better to visit their websites for any updates.
Local festivals of India
This topic provides information about local festivals of India.
National Portal for Museums
This topic provides information about national portal and digital repository for Indian museums.
How to prepare for board exams
Tips for preparing for board exams
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